Gacha Giveaway: Pokemon Masters And Destiny Child

Gacha Giveaway: Pokemon Masters And Destiny Child

In our Gacha Giveaway segment we share gacha games with ongoing or upcoming generous awards, bonuses, or campaigns.  So whether you are thinking about trying out a new game, or re-starting a game long since given up, these are some titles worth looking at.

Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters is currently having a Legendary Rally where they are giving away 4,200 gems through log-in bonuses during a 14-day period. Gems are a premium in-game currency used to summon Sync Pairs. Each scout typically costs 300 Gems.

Pokemon Masters is a 3 v 3 strategy and battling game.  Each team consists of 3 sync pairs, which is a pair of one Pokemon Trainer and one Pokemon.  The goal is to become the Pokemon Masters League Champion. There are both single player and co-op game modes.  Can you catch em all and bring home the trophy?

Pokemon Masters Info and Downloads

Destiny Child

Destiny Child is celebrating its first anniversary with a bunch of events and giveaways.  To be honest, despite searching everywhere on their Facebook and Website, I could not find a good list of all the rewards being given.  I did, however, see talk of high rarity character selector tickets. Here is an image I discovered of the event schedule:

Destiny Child is an Action-Adventure Narrative CCG. You play the role of a low wage mostly shut-in demon that works part time at a convenience store. When the Archfiend of Hell vacates their throne, you get sucked into the tournament for determining the replacement.  Players use demon workers to attract souls called “children” to fight other demons contending for the throne. Will you reign supreme as Hell’s overlord?

by Alyeska
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