Exos Heroes – PVP Lineup and Strategy

The most typical - common Global PVP formation

This is the most common formation that top rankers run into currently in Global Arena:

Front: Anastasia 

Back: Rachel – Rood Zeon – Baraka – Bathory

Why this works?

Bathory protects your units from getting one shot.

Rachel and Baraka are amazing finishers.

Anastasia resurrects people once. However, Baraka counters this.

Rood Zeon… Well, we will talk about it in a bit.

This means the typical counter strategy is to kill Bath > the rest.

Why Rood Zeon is God-tier? The fall of FC Bathory

Every top rankers know this: Don’t hit Zeon, yet.

Zeon gets more and more OP as the match progresses. We need to burst him down while there’s no stack.

Here is what he does when he gets maxed stacks.

by Evenil
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