Exos Heroes – Before You Whale

Exos Heroes Grand Launch - May 28th!

The grand adventure to search for ‘Exestruk’, the missing sword of the emperor, and the curse of the ancient dragon!

Face the evil forces threatening the peace of the Exos Continent!

Collect over 200 heroes with unique character designs, and enjoy the awesome play with powerful Fatecore!

If you are into super pretty graphic – this game is a MUST! The production cost for all the animations and arts were probably insane!

What Units to Aim for - Rerolling

First, how long do you intend to spend on rerolling?

You are guaranteed a Fate hero using the Selective Summoning. Most people clear the first few maps to do a 11-pull before using the Selective Summon and decide whether it is worth to reroll.

If you are a very keen player and feel like rerolling is the best part of the game, you can go for super super rare Fatecore units, such as: Fatecore Bathory, Fatecore Rachel, Fatecore Garff, Fatecore Shufraken, or even Fatecore Zeon (Fatecore Zeon is a pity pull by pulling 11×28 times on the current banner).

If you want to reroll for a decent account but not too crazy time-consuming, here are the best reroll units for non Fatecore: Bernadette (AOE Magic), Baraka (Single target/Chaos/PVP), and Anstasia (Best Healer).

You can purchase 2 Fated Hero Selection Tickets so if you want all of the top tier Fate units, it is also possible very easily.

String Summoning

After clearing chapter 4, String Summoning is unlocked. Only use String Summoning when you REALLY WANT a certain unit (Such as Fatecore Bathory). String Summoning has much lower rate compared to the limited banner, but you are guaranteed to get the unit you want EVENTUALLY since the units in the pool only get reduced each pull.

You can only change your String Summoning AFTER CLEARING EVERYTHING. It is recommended to only get the unit you want and go back to the limited banner.

Whale or Not to Whale - that is the Question

Well, if you are a F2P or very small spender ($5-10), this guide is not for you. If you are willing to spend $15 though, remember to buy the Fate selector package. It is very ideal at a cheap price.


There are many 2-hour-packages that pop up in game from time to time. The best ones are the Fate selector and Xes, followed by EXP if you want to power level your units quickly. You can get good equipment from rolling later on so unless you want to get a power boost early on, the legendary (purple) equipment packages are not recommended for minimal spending (unless you want to buy them for Xes of course).

NOTE! The 1500 package and the shop 1 per account package for Fate Hero Selector only has reroll-able units and DO NOT HAVE the TOP-TIER Fate Units such as Bathory, Rudley, Garff, Jinai, and Rachel. Be careful before you purchase.

TOP-TIER Fate Units can be selected from the 30,000 gems recharge event (Non-fatecore Heroes).

Notable IAP Packages (These are good to have, not MUST HAVE)

The 1 per account Xes package gives amazing amount of Xes compared to normal prices. Good to get along with the 2-hour-Xes-packages if you want to roll to your heart’s content. (This one is close to a Must Have – tbh)

You can get another Fate Hero Selection from the shop (1 per account) along with the 2-hour-package at 1500 Gems.

You can unlock new packages once you hit higher level – For example, you get EXP packages at level 25 to boost your units level and power.

One of the best value-d packages is the level up packages. (Like most games)

Monthly packages are good in values if you want to play the game in the long run (of course you do, right?)

Monthly packages are also very decent compared to the prices.

Clear 9-12 to unlock the best equipment pull (you can only pull 1 a day, you can pull everytime you unlock a new equipment pull, so if you want to pull for lower rarity equipment at the beginning, it is fine, but not recommended to pull before 9-12).

by Evenil
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