EVE Echoes, the Upcoming Mobile Version of the PC MMORPG, is Now Up For Pre-Registration on Google Play

by Evenil
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NetEase & CCP Confirm December 2019 Open Beta for EVE Echoes on iOS and Android

Eve Online, a Space War MMO released in 2003, is getting it anticipated mobile release in supposedly end of 2019 and early 2020. 

What You Need To Know

Developed by NetEase Games and CCP Games, EVE Echoes will be a standalone game that captures the full scale and scope of EVE Online.

The open beta for EVE Echoes will begin in December 2019 in Europe and North America ahead of a global soft launch scheduled for Spring 2020.

Eve Echoes will deliver a whole galaxy for players to team in an explore and conquer, just like EVE Online, with controls and menus optimized for touchscreen controls.

An MMO with a Loyal Fanbase

Both CPP and NetEase are hoping that Eve Echoes will achieve the same popularity as its predecessor, Eve Online. Eve Online is known for its loyal player-base, where the hardcore fans have been sticking with the game for over 10 years. Eve Echoes will be a fresh start for both experienced and new players alike, to explore the Eve universe.


Venture into the depths of space with official gameplay footage here: https://youtu.be/7Cai8fwFa0I

Check out these vids for Eve Echoes to know more!

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