EoG Minecraft Server LAUNCHED!

First ever EoG Minecraft Server!

Big Kudos to EoG | Pandα and EoG | Starpie for getting this together.

#🎉eog-minecraft – JOIN US ON DISCORD!

A quick guide on how to join us in Minecraft (MC), currently we only have a survival server but there should be a hunger game tournament (Cash prizes) style server coming out in the future for EoG members

Step 1: Buy Minecraft – You can skip this step if you already own the Java version. Please note that there are multiple versions out and our server is hosting the version compatible with Java Edition. https://i.imgur.com/MoZnIqs.png The one on the left.

Step 2: Download the Twitch Application – This allows for smooth and easy installation of the RLCraft mod. You can download the app here: https://www.twitch.tv/downloads for whichever OS you’re using.

Step 3: Install the RLCraft mod for Minecraft – Follow this instructional video https://youtu.be/Pcx3n-Iyn5M?t=128 (Time stamped for 2:08 onwards) We are running the latest RLCraft Mod.

Step 4: Launch the Mod – Once it’s all done installing and updating you can launch the game inside the Twitch App, note that this can lead to a long load time depending on how much RAM is allocated to your MC.

Step 5: Connect to the EoG Server – Click Multiplayer from the main menu inside the game, at the bottom select Add Server. The Server Name box can be whatever you want to name the server but the Server Address box must be filled in with the following: edenofgaming.modded.fun . Leave the Server Resource Pack to Prompt and hit Done.

Step 6: Join in on the fun – That’s it, click the server and join! You’ll be connected to our survival server with the RLCraft Modpack which has it’s own adventure system. If you’re new to Minecraft don’t hesitate to ask for help! If you can’t interact/break blocks please move away from the spawn area by atleast 20 blocks and if this still doesn’t fix it please contact EoG | Starpie  or EoG | Pandα

by EoG Team
For more news and game discussions: discord.gg/edenofgaming

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