A dedicated cosplayer and a hard-core gamer with his wife

Hiya everyone! My in game name is Zenes. I’m actually married to a real 3D Waifu. I’ve been together with her for 10 years, and I’m the luckiest guy to have her. We have been cosplaying together since our first year together. A couple that’s cosplays together stays together XD. We are both huge anime and video game fans. We also both have a hidden passion we both share in singing. We recently started steaming together as well!. Our twitch is CuteKilSwitch.  Come check us out making fun of each other mostly her at me XD as well currently are playing monster hunter iceborne!.

A well-known Iron Saga player heading to Seven Deadly Sins

Joining Eden finally through Seven Deadly Sins, Zenes was a famous player in another game, Iron Saga. Here is an interview he did with IS devs.

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