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Dragon Raja – Spenders’ Guide

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Pre-launch Spenders Breakdown to the Mall.

Hello, our goal as low spenders is to make the most “Rating” gains for each $$ spent. So let’s have a look at what the shop provides. Keep in mind some things will be on rotation and this is for what we currently are able to view in CBT.

   Some of us have experienced a majority of early game (1 Week) so it gives us insight on what is more farmable and what we are more likely to get then some other items which can come down to literally RNG chest opening, as well as having materials ready for certain Level caps and being able to upgrade as much as possible within your budget.

Spending Tiers

Note: All higher tiers include the items included in the lower tiers.

Less than $50

  • Battle Pass

  • Daily gem packs (lvl 6’s)

  • Super Value packs

  • Elemental Gem pack

Less than $100

  • Mixed Upgrade pack 1/2

Less than $250

  • Mixed Upgrade pack II 2/2

  • Comprehensive Packs 

  • Daily enhance (buyout on reset)


  • Daily offer (2.99$) 2/2 everyday.

  • Daily gold pack

  • Pet Upgrade pack

  • Ally upgrade pack

  • Special offer pack

Battle Pass

   First I want to start off with the “Battle pass” Which in my opinion is in the very “Ok” realm for someone who doesn’t plan on spending more than 100$ – 250$ but in general it is a good generation of resources per every week that it takes to complete a couple levels of it. In the end it is a very decent benefit for the amount paid for the initial purchase as follow.

   • 10$ Basic premium reward unlock

   • 20$ Upgraded premium reward unlock (skip 30 levels). 

 • Rewards of currency: 

715,000 gold

1,660 diamonds

595 shop tickets                          

(Most of items in boxes range from 10-40 diamonds)

   Keep in mind it will take weeks to months to obtain all of the rewards. There are also little packages that offer RNG chances to obtain things such as level 5 gems and such. About medium ish rewards but its still rewards and I recommend this for the 20$ for an early server start and some decent rewards then what story will provide later on. 

Daily Offers  

 I just want to quickly cover the dailies. The following packages and their value towards your account after 1 week to a month + of play and how they can affect your overall gain to compete at endgame and comparing the min max of player rating.

   Skip the first 2 packages these are mainly for dyes and generally not worth EVERYDAY STACKING.

Now on the other hand the $2.99 Buy I would say is generally worth for a 2/2 buyout every day if you can afford it. The Min/Max is strong in this one, seeing as how motor blueprints are almost down to RNG and the stats are insane on the Whale “Leviathan” motor and is a must. On base craft this mount is somewhere from 2 – 3k base rating not to mention the evolution will scale to its tier. Also if you don’t get lucky you can always save up and buy it using the currency from this package. Another thing to note; Everything in this shop gives stats which boil down to more min/max if you do get lucky.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Chests    

Moving onto the real Juicy Daily/Weekly/Monthly chests. A majority of these chests boil down to the ratio that follows: (Amount of dailies applied on account+RNG package opening=RAW advance/skip RNG under 5-10$ depending on the chest Avg=30$usd) Your time spent in-game comes directly to progression through dailies completed and efficiency in Limited-time Events.

   So what’s better then just skipping a couple days of package gambles (cont.)

Gem Chests  

 The first set of chests are the LARGEST gain in account progression for the first week. Gems are one of the higher caps of the game and provide a lot of stats, per gems applied to your slots. 100% buy these no matter what spending bracket you think you apply to on the first week and you want to be ready for the first sets of dungeons and Events remember 4 days after launch you will start investing into PvP content so you want to be ready.

Daily Motor Pack

Now the Daily Motor Evo Pack is where we start running into problems. For the price of 15$ receive the following:

  • Evolution stone ×3

  • Paint can ×6

  • Gold Secret Key ×1

The only thing worth rating in this is evo stones but even the evo stones aren’t worth it for this package as you would at most gain +72 rating for 15$. Big NO.

   Daily Gold Pack

Daily Gold Pack is nice since you will be obtaining more RSS then on average. Which means your gold consumption will also be increased. This is a required buy and very worth it.

   Skip the Weekly DIY Pack.

Weekly Pet Upgrade Pack   

Pet Upgrade is a good 50% off expenses spent for when you hit Level 50 cap and start investing in your Pets. Must buy.

Weekly Ally Upgrade Pack   

Ally Upgrade pack is debatable/dependent on if you plan on spending on RNG gacha garbage. If you do NOT plan on spending for Gacha skip this. If you DO plan on buying some gachas, pick it up.

   Another motor upgrade pack is still not worth it. Only thing enticing in this chest is the Gold. Skip.

Weekly Comprehensive Pack

The Comprehensive pack is an EXTREMELY good value for what’s contained. On average you will save roughly 2-5k diamonds give or take. Everything is useful for progression along with a little weekly RNG golden keys. Must buy for the higher end spenders bracket 500-2,500$.

Monthly Element Pack   

Element Pack, random lvl6 gem worth picking this up.

Monthly Pet Chip Pack

Pet Chip Pack, maybe a little misleading since we don’t have access to buying these in CBT it’s really a gamble on which chip you recieve or if it’s more then 1, Buy with care.

Monthly Special Offer Pack   

Special Offer Pack, worth picking up ⅓ of these. Buy the other 2 if you end up needing them later on. 

   Skip Monthly DIY Pack.

Monthly Super Valuable Pack   

Super Value Pack, Really good starter pack to pickup pack for the first day of the server for some ally pulls/gold/etc. Worth buy.

Monthly Evo Pack

Monthly Evo Pack, The first kinda worth mount evolution package. It has a LOT less “useless” items contained and you will save diamonds compared to buying raw mats from the Store generated prices.

Monthly Mix Upgrade Packs

Onto the “Mixed” Upgrade Package 1. These are generally also a good buy. Specifically for package 1 this is good for initial allies and mount evo stones are always useful for maxing. Gauge if you buy the 2/2 based on your ally pulls.

   Mix Upgrade Pack 2, Very worth buying. The only turn off is the Pet upgrade Tier II which is generally a waste since 1 is cheap and good rating in the first place and you will want Tier III later on so it will be replaced. Worth package if you can auction the tier II off on the market.

Monthly Gacha Pack   



   This is my summary of what’s worth based on my experience pushing the first 3 days of CBT and staying in Top 3 the packages described would’ve been a good continuation of keeping my lead along the others in the server.

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