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Intro to Cuisnes Career

Cuisines (Chef) is one of the choices you can select as your career. As a chef you unlock recipes, gather ingredients, and cook the food. However there are also “self-develop” recipes that you must discover on your own via the Create tab of your Career section.

Pre-Cooking 101

Although pretty self explanatory, here is a basic breakdown of what to do before cooking.

Gathering and Fishing take up career vitality but also goes into the “Ingredient” portion of the Level Upgrade Requirement.

You can also shop for food by going into the Food tab in your Career section and pressing the Shop button of the appropriate ingredient. You buy ingredients with gold. As some ingredients are categorized in rather interesting sections, such as ice being located in the “seasoning” section, I’ve arranged the ingredients by section in the following recipes.

Cooking in Create 101

Make sure you have all of the ingredients in your inventory before creating the food. You can’t buy more ingredients while you’re in Create. Seasoning will be added in the middle steps so make sure you have those ready as well. You will play mini-game in the step before appraisal, so make sure to do it or else you won’t get your food.

The Kitchen

Here is a basic layout of the kitchen and its functions.

  • Collect food food at the fridge.
  • Collect drinks to the right of the fridge.
  • Chop ingredients at the cutting board left of the stove.
  • Stir ingredients to the right of the microwave oven.
  • Fry ingredients on the pan on the stove.
  • Bake ingredients in the microwave oven.
  • Steam ingredients in the pot on the stove in the middle of the kitchen
  • Mix & Blend ingredients near the machine on the opposite side of the microwave oven.
  • Appraise food at the end of the table with the plate.


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