The most anticipated mobile MMORPG – Dragon Raja – has already started pre-registration and is about to be officially launched!

Dragon Raja Pre-Register is LIVE!

Dragon Raja - top 1 grossing in CN chart

The top 1 grossing game is making a Global debut! Pre-register is live on both iOS and Android. According to Dragon Raja’s publisher, “…Devs and coders are speeding up the process of game test. What we could say here is that Dragon Raja will come out to see you very soon. It won’t keep you guys wait long.” Good news for our fans, right?

We can safely assume that Dragon Raja Global will be released in Q1 or Q2 2020.

What is Dragon Raja?

This is how the Dragon Raja team describes their game:

“Dragon Raja is a fantastic mobile game developed by the industry-leading engine UE4 with stunning graphics. There is a grand and seamless open-world for players to freely explore. Also, gamer are not only able to customize their pretty character’s appearances but able to define their unique personalities. In addition, the creative system enables player to be whoever then wanna be and start their Second life in the game. Moreover, our powerful social system makes players are easily to make friends in the game and play together. Last but not least, four characteristic classes and various exquisite dungeons & battlefields would bring gamers with best PvE and PvP experience on the mobile. We will introduce these feature in detail to you guys later.”


Dragon Raja's community


Dragon Raja’s official trailer:

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