On Nov 29th, the Official Dragon Raja EN Facebook has announced its upcoming release of the Global version of its top grossing game in China: Dragon Raja.

The Pre-Registration for the Global Release will be starting soon. The latest news regarding the release can be found on its official Facebook page.

Dragon Raja Official Global Release – Pre-Registration Soon!

What is Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja was originally based on the novel series 龙族 幻想, created by Korea’s top novelist Lee Yeongdo. The game was developed using Unreal Engine 4 by Loong Entertainment, and is published by Tencent.

The first thing that catch the eyes of the players, is definitely the graphics in Dragon Raja – beautiful to every detail. In the game, each character, monster, weapon, item, from the models to the materials, from the scenes to the nuance, proves extremely sophisticated and lively, almost reaching the limit of today’s mobile devices.

Built on the most advanced engine at the time, Unreal Engine 4, each character was designed with extremely delicate details, and with a well-developed physical interaction system as well. When players collide with the NPCs, they will be pushed backward, instead of being walked through like other games.


Classes in Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja allows players to choose 4 character classes: Warrior, Gunner, Executioner, and Twins. Each character class, players will be able to choose from 3 types of forms: male, female, and loli.

Warrior: For players who prefer melee combat, often plays a pioneering role in battles, and has the ability to absorb damage, used as a shield to shield teammates in the back.

Gunner: For players who prefer to play ranged classes like archer and gunner. Gunner owns the longest attack range in all classes, along with a huge arsenal of guns, from pistols to cannonballs, to preen the enemy’s blood. 

Executioner: Possesses two types of morphology, the Wizard and the Assassin. Executioner is fairly difficult for new players, and their range is not as high as Gunner, but their huge damage, in return, is impressive.

Twins: This is a special class where the player is not only one, but two people, also known as “souls”. Twins usually play supporting roles such as buffs, debuffs, healing, etc. At the same time, they have the ability to deal great damage. All in all, Twins is a very comprehensive character class.

Character Creation

You can customize your character from face, hairstyle, skin color, eye type, … There are many different choices and facial adjustments. This ensures that every character is a different individual of their own, and not a copy of any one else.


Interested? Watch these videos to explore more about Dragon Raja by Tencent.

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