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Dragon Raja – Newbies Guide (Part 2)

Club Contribution

Important events such as: Good times, Demolition club, Project Rhein, Hunter ranger, Defend boss, Hacker Group and Battle simulator gives “Power of a club” Token.

To exchange “Power of a club” Token into exp, simply tap on Power of Club event from the club events tab (between clash of swords and good times).

When you arrived at Power of Club event NPC, you will see the window above.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT submit your tokens to only 1 of these 4 selections as above, make sure you submit your tokens to the lower amount because we need to collect 150 of each to hold a party and distribute rewards to the guild.

GvG events are: Clash of swords held every weekdaysand Battle Simulator held every weekends.

Battle simulator mechanics:

You will have 3 chances to take down any 3 people amongst 10 possible levels:

Recruit IV (weakest members) to Master i (Strongest member)

The stronger the defenders are, the more points you will gain for the club.

In hard mode, I recommend you to start from the weakest and stops when you cant beat the enemy at stronger stages since it is said that losing in hard mode will give opponents points.

Ally Bounty Quests

Make sure to maximize reward by getting better verdict (so far i’ve seen S as highest possible verdict)

Dont run bounty quest based on rarity, but mix them between the types based on 2nd and 3rd tabs.

World Boss Schedule & Locations

Below are the coordinates for lv 15, lv 45 and lv 60 (use sigil to detect the entrance to the level 60) boss dungeons.

Friends with Benefits

If you go to events tab and scroll down to the bottom there will be a recruit even where when your recruit reaches level 60, you AND your friend will obtain a gift containing at least 800 diamonds and other useful gifts, can be used up to 10 people.

To input friends gift, simply input the code after you logged in (perhaps before or during character creation i forgot…) on the invite code box on the bottom left of your screen.

by Pl3xus
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