Dragon Raja is launching on Feb 27th, 2020. Are you ready for the journey to one of the most beautiful game worlds?

Dragon Raja – Newbie Guide (Part 1)

UI Functions


Motor: Here are your homepage for getting mounts, Unlocking colours, refits (modified skins of an unlocked mount), and evolving mounts will be accumulated and gives you power regarding whether or not you are riding your most pimped out mount [Gives Power]

Skill: in here you are able to configure your skill sets, passives, and auto casting lineups. [Gives Power]

Rank: To see where you belong in this harsh competitive of a world

Pet: Common to see in RPGs nowadays this is your pet home page, pets will have 3 forms of evolution which will give a huge boost of power once evolved, each pets will evolve at a certain pet level (which can be gained from feeding pets with nutrient foods) to a max level of 100 of which power from pet will only be gained from giving it passive skills. [Gives Power]

Wardrobe: This is where you change your preferred costumes, although you can also gain power just by unlocking colors and new clothes from here [Gives power]

Core: this is for the more specific stat distribution, you will distribute your stats gained from “gems” here, choose which build is best for you as you only have a limited slot of 16 gems. [Gives power]

Gear: Sometimes you will attain gears that have special buffs in them which you can configure from here, when you get the buff it will remain unlocked no matter whether you are wearing your gear or not

Career: this is like your “profession” that you can only pick 1 to nurture at the start of the game, however you get to be able to have 2 of these profession at level 60 but beware that if you do so, the amount of vit wasted will not change, thus your progression will be slower if you focus on 2 profession.

Settings: just settings

Social: to open your personal virtual mobile phone, it serves the same purpose as the “friends” ui besides chat box

Club: this is your guild home page

Ally: Your extra skill, what i mean by extra skill is that the ally you put as “center” will serve as an extra skill slot, leveling up ally will increase both stats and skill % effectiveness, you may also distribute exp evenly among other ally and still gain power since every ally in your roster is contributing stats to your main char [Gives Power]

Purple square: tap around this area to open the world map

Green square: “Peace” is to enable/disable your pvp mode, having peace mode disabled will get you labelled as dangerous and might get hunted while you grind or do world bosses

“Training” is for you to get extra exp when your daily exp is capped out, remember to bring a team of 5 to grind with you since killing these monster solo takes a long time and exp is only granted after reaching a certain amount of kills

Red square: your eye sigil, it lets you detects the unseeable, sometimes you need to tap on this to do certain quests/hidden events eg. like level 60 world bosses, nibelungen key dungeon.


Your Personal Virtual Mobile Phone

Flower ticket: you can collect 5 of these daily to get a certain prize when you reach 100 and send friends some tickets tapping on certain icon like mentorship and bond will direct you to an NPC, i have yet to find what affinity and bond benefits, but with mentorship, you can trade mentorship points with cosmetics and avatars, you can get apprentice when you reach lvl 30 and you can get anyone level 30 + but not higher than your level.

Starting the Game

First do all main quests, skip cutscenes/not is up to you skipping cutscenes will not affect your exp gain in any way, until you unlocks your dailies around level 20.

When you peaked main quests at around level 35 day 1, you will need to start doing your dailies, and try as much to get all 150 pts of gifts.

Doing all the quests in “trial” tab would not give you all 150 pts, you need to participate in a few club events / limited time events and even career (optional) to fully get 150 pts.

I do not recommend spending diamonds to buy gears early game, as you will get gears easily at start, and starts to get harder around level 50.

DO NOT disassemble gears blindly, you can transfer colored stats to a new piece of gear which is higher tiered (eg. you can not transfer level 50 gears to level 40 gears) if you find a purple stat in a green lvl 50 gear but you are wearing level 40 gear, you might wanna store them first in your storage (can be found in your bag tabs when you open bag on the right side of screen).

Avoid Solo Play

Most of the contents in Raja gives extra benefit to players in a team or when you gift others, try as much as you can to do quests with guildies and in a team of 5s.

Below are some examples of what items to take in mind to gift:


Each class can craft only a specific type of grimoire. crafting grimoire costs 100 personal vit, when you craft grimoire, find other type of elemental grimoire from other classes

Assassin – earth

Blade master – fire

Gunslinger – wind

Soul dancer – water

Exchange these for rewards twice a week,  you can craft grimoire by tapping on your profile (the avatar on the top left corner on your screen) and tap on the + icon besides your “vit”.

Job item crafting:

You can sell these items for diamonds, or better yet trade it with people of different profession so you can get the maximum amount of buff without paying a dime :3


Each class has different main stats marked by the yellow “M” when you tap on “!” on your profile.

Sse these to decide what kind of gems you put into your “core” slots and to decide what kind of stats to transfer to your end game gears.

Maximizing gems in your core slots is the key of having high power rating, you can at most fill 3 types of gems 9-5-2 out of the 4 types of gems

Leveling up your core gives you more power rating, to level up your core, ALL of your geems need to be the exact same level, as long as you have 1 gem of lowest level, your core level will follow the lowest level gem

PS. although gems are cheap, I recommend not spending all your p2w wallet onto gems because at level 60 gear enhancement will be unlocked.

Pet cultivation, you can equip pets with passives and skills, the amount of skills and passives unlocked will depend on the evolution of your pet, 1st tier of evolution will have 0 unlocked, 2nd tier will have 3 passive and 1 skill, 3rd tier will unlock all 6 passive and 2 skills.

Passives = 6 boxes

skills = 3 circles

Passives may give extra stats to pet, temporary stat boost to main character or debuff enemies

there are 3 tier of passives giving 30%, 60% to 90% of extra stats

I recommend buying either tier 1 with gold or tier 3 with diamonds for max efficiency rather than buying tier 2 and to spend more later for tier 3.

Sigils are cheap extra upgrades to spend your stones obtained from doing dailies for extra stats, don/t worry if you don/t have enough stones tho, the system will just automatically buy the shards with your gold, but I don/t recommend buying the stones with gold since the stones are pretty common and have a wide level cap every 3 levels.

by Pl3xus
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