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Dragon Raja will soon be releasing its most anticipated class, the Scythe!

According to the official description, the Scythe class is a group of warriors that fought for the White Rose family for many centuries, making the family a powerful organization comparable to the ancient race, until they became hidden from this world. They are currently disguised as magicians wearing Gothic clothing and wielding gorgeous scythes, and are also seen with a black cat or crow.

Here is a brief introduction on how to start building a PVP based Scythe class.

*Please note that because the English names are not out yet, it will be easier to refer to the symbols upon release

Core Set Up

9 Fire gems
5 Water gems
2 Wind gems


The Scythe class uses allies such as Erii Uesugi, Luminous, Chise Gen, Johann Chu, and Ming Z Lu.

Skill Settings (Combat)


This is the talent build for the current server level cap.

This is the talent build for when the server level cap gets to 110.

Deep Talent

Start at the top and work your way down as you gain Talent Points.

by Noona
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