Dragon Raja – Gold Anecdote Guide


Here are the steps to complete two new gold anecdotes, “Blossom” and “The Story of Yesterday.”

*Please note that when you see something like “Speak to Shimizu Ayase > 1+1 = 2” the > means to pick that option

Gold Anecdotes

Blossoms Anecdote

Time: (approx 1.5 hour -2 hours)


Speak to the two police NPCs at (278 338) in Tokyo

Speak to the young girls at (203, 351) in Tokyo (in front of red temple)

Go further in and interact with the arrow on the ground by the group of girls to wait in line at (117, 354), do this 3x in a row

Once the arrows disappear walk all the way up and you’ll port in Tsukiyomi prison.

Speak to Shimizu Ayase > “1+1 = 2”

Follow her to the monk

Speak to the monk > first option, all are equal, speak to the monk again 

Follow Shimizu back to the entrance and you’ll return to Tokyo; speak to her again
(If you can’t get back out, go back to the entrance of the temple in tokyo and reenter, then go through the elevator in front of her again)

Follow her until you stop at the bodyguards, stand by her until she walks up to the other female NPC (or if it appears, tap on the quest in your quest log (Q))

After they leave, speak to Ura Matsuyama at (207, 358) and he will give you his name cards

Find his office at (428, 328) and enter Room 120

Speak to detective > “crime scene”

Enter the code in the computer: z646

Go to (257, 415) and speak to the police

Enter Room 413 at the door by the police

Use vision > interact with the footprints > remove evidence

Book on table under TV > remove evidence

Box on the floor by bed, cashbox > add money

Small thin tool / pen at the foot of the bed > remove evidence

Return to police room at (428, 328) and speak to the detective

Dial the number 06710 and when the girl in blue answers pick any option (I picked hang out to play)

Wait 1 hour IRL then meet her at the boutique (World Map > Boutique)

Speak with Ayase in boutique after waiting an hour

Dress her up in any outfit

Click on the quest to follow her downstairs

Walk to the claw machine and get the sakura bear and sakura bracelet (I bought the bracelet from the special merchant npc in chizuru, same npc as tick tock)

Speak with Ayase

Go to the dance floor, wait for the white arrow to appear next to her and dance with her for a bit

Follow her to the rooftop, answer the call

Return to the detective’s office

Speak to the detective

Go to the computer > enter command > news

Speak to the detective again, wait for the detective’s phone call to end, speak to detective, open clue wall

Call 06710 again

Call 05050

Speak to the detective

Go to computer > enter command > intercept01234 > Justice

Speak to detective, go through all three options

Leave and head to 449, 313 > enter elevator shaft

Go into room 304 through elevator (bottom button)

In Room 304: walk to the TV and plant the bug, then leave

Go up to Room 404, click on the white arrow on the top of the door to change the number to 304

Go back into the elevator, walk to the very back of the elevator and use the white arrow to change the background

Go to 360, 433, (blue doors) enter the hiring market

Speak to the middle man at the counter, by the V1 nametag

Find V1 by the paintings in the shop, hire her

Exit and return to Room 404 (449, 313)

Speak to the girl there >”I HAVE TOLD YOU” (if you mess up enter the room again to redo it)

Talk to her again> “when did you record it?”

Choose “yes”

“Where did you go after that”

Leave the room and open your clue wall

Connect the leads beginning with  “After the end of the recording” and “Ayase has been recording” to unlock a new lead

Go back to the detective and speak with him (438, 328)

Call 06710 again at the phone

Go to 448, 488 and enter the studio

Speak to NPCs

Search surveillance by them

Search surveillance by the bookshelf at (116, 118)

Search surveillance by the desk (125, 133)

Speak to Ayase again

Speak to Ura

Speak to Shigo > find the culprit

Wait one minute to prepare the music video

Speak to Ura again

Speak to the staff member and pick up the “midway” photo

Speak to Ura and give him the “midway” photo

Interact with the recording machine at 126, 133

Open clue wall and connect the images as shown in the photo, hit confirm evidence

Speak to Shin Kohana

Speak to Ayase

Speak to Sakurai Takumi

End of tale

The Story of Yesterday

Time: (approx 30 mins -1.15 hours)


Pick up note at (514, 335)

Speak to male and female passerby behind you 

Speak to the taiyaki vendor at (471, 483)
(Can also click on the Moonrealm NPC to port there)

Interact with the hand at (530, 440) and read the letter

Interact with the box and chairs at (531, 436)

Interact with the other box at (520, 435) and pick up the shiba pendant

Speak to the girl at (358, 522) and give her the pendant, then ask her about the letter > something’s not right

After you finish speaking with her, use your vision and enter the portal

Speak to Sunny at (662, 510) > electro magnetic particles (MAKE SURE GRAPHICS ARE ON III OR IV)

Speak to her again at (681, 622)

Move to (714, 637)

Speak to Suzuki at (667, 667)

Find memories: **Has to be raining in each location***

Restaurant: 502, 580

Walk around them and interact with the hand, a text message will pop up

536, 494 > Tokyo Street

Interact with hand, txt msg

Chizuru > 144, 144

Interact with hand, txt msg

Open vision at (355, 526) and enter portal

Speak to Takashi again at 667, 667

Speak with Sunny at 707, 637

Speak to the male > Tell Sunny what happened

End of Tale

by Ivori
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