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Dragon Raja – Anecdote Guide

Anecdote Guide (March 3rd, 2020)

First thing’s first to view Anecdote tap Q underneath the T on the right hand side 


Then on the menu bar choose Tale



 and click view close to where EVA is  (the big large circles are main quests that take a ton of time)


Before you begin I recommend visiting every photo spot in map as each one gives you one anecdote point.




Thither Line 

Don’t pick up phone calls at the phone booth- self explanatory 


No.7 pitcher 

Score 7 points exactly at basketball challenge at Cassell College 


Rhythm Master 

Hold a solo guitar show- go up to any guitar and play it 

For non superstars approach the guitar at siberia harbor near the cottage 


Strange Mark 

Found confidential files in Greenland-

1.  go to the principal’s office and spin the globe 

2. Auto the quests until you go back and talk to him 


Mystery Drink 

Get a mysterious drink and learn how to feigh death- simply purchase whatever drink at vending machine at Cassell College 



Talk in dream – go back to your cottage in Siberia Harbor and sleep in bed, have conversation with Z 

PS: Dialogue choices will influence your personality so choose wisely 


Broken Machine 

The vending machine at Cassell College is broken –

1.  find it usually by the cafe or by the basketball courts, when you try to grab a drink it will break. 

2. Return to EVA to fix or try to fix yourself

PS: will influence personality 



Sit in principal’s chair – enter command “no glues” 


Money Maker 

1. Look while in principal’s chair until dialogue of treasure passes

2. Sit in chair again and enter command “show me the money”


Blossom Rain 

1.Speak to Anjou 

2. Sit in chair one last time and enter command “show me the flower” 


The Chosen 

During a thunderstorm stand by Anjou’s statue, then simply wait to get hit by lightning 


Jam Maker 

Stand in an intersection in Tokyo and cause the a traffic jam 




Tokyo Jumper 


1. On top of a building there is a man who challenges you to a parkour challenge 

2. You have to find 13 ducks without using dash 

3, All of the ducks are around the building 

(Ducks despawn after so i wasn’t able to take pictures but i will go back and circle the ones i remember) 


Tokyo Guidance 

1. Go to the principal’s office to the left hand side there is a briefcase 

2. Open to find a letter – Use the letter and speak to EVA 

3. Make your way to Tokyo and find 10 Adams

(once again Adams despawned but i marked most of the ones on map, by the way there is more than 10 so a little bit of luck and a lot of patience will get you the adams in a decent amt of time)



Reward – Tokyo at 4 AM INS +2


Alright now get ready for some long quests 

:PS: Just a heads up i might miss a step or two because like i said they are long and its been awhile… 




Music Box Tale 

1. Go near the basketball court near the bottom where the dormitories are someone will be calling for help 

2. Go to library and find book with unlock skill in bookshelf 


3. Unlock the door Anoira will come running out 

4. Fight school executioners 

5. Find Anoira behind the main building 

6. Return back to the library to find the missing persons book along with the music box 


7. Use the music box 

8. Talk to professor who says to follow school rules and leave the past in the past 

9. Go to the cafe at 3pm (Time Sensitive) to see the memory of Lisha and Anoira she mentions an Aurora drink 

10. Sit at cafe to and wait for waiter to bring you drink (it will be expired carbonated water) 

11. Find Anoira on the bottom lefthand side of the Cassell College and give him music box

12. Professor will come and speak to Anoira

PS: Dialogue will influence personality 

13. Go to Siberia Harbor by the light house (HAS to be during an aurora, check 24hr weather forecast and plan ahead, (Time Sensitive)


Reward – Guardian of the Star Ray Title P. Atk +10 M. Atk +10 


Under the Dome

1. Find Saturn near basketball courts

2. Purchase and bring him water

3. Find Saturn near Cafe 

4. Give him money to buy food 

5. Find Saturn near bench by basketball courts 

6. Go to a vending machine and purchase juice to give to him 

7. He will ask you to visit his sister Ai-chan you can find him on the steps near the dormitories on the other side of the gacha game. Find hit again near the crane machine in front of gacha machine and go with him to the hidden cave to find ai-chan

8. Return to Cassell College and speak to Alchemy Gear Dept and get the dragonblood alchemy potion

9. Find Saturn near the mysterious gacha machine and speak to him 

10. Return to Ai-chan and give her the potion

11. Go to Icy Lair and on the left hand side there will be a red ring, 

12. Use your vision to bring out the demon summoner 

13. Kill him and return to Ai chan through Saturn in the same spot as (9) 

PS: Dialogue choice

14. Find the demon summoner at Siberia Harbor just outside of Icy Lair (close to the light tower just in the woods a little bit) 

15. Kill him to free Ai chan from his spell 

16. Return to find a healthy Ai-chan and pick up newspaper and diary on the left side

PS: Dialogue choice 

17. Go to Hydras to find her parents 

18. Go to the principal to get the forgetting potion 

19. Return to the parents and give them the potion and reunite the children with her parents 


Reward – Beyond Good  HP+1000



1.Find the detective at near the Takamagahara bar in the corner of the room 

2. Go to Chizuru near Ramen bar to find him arguing with his father

3. Speak to the father 

4. Return back to Chizuru and speak to the waiter at the bar to receive Takamagahara Special drink (Time sensitive) MUST HAVE POTENT MAN PERSONALITY

5. Return to Chizuru to gather information about the vampire 

6. Wait until night time to find spooked citizens 

To Be Continued… 


Other Titles

  • Anecdote Point 


Amateur Astronomer

Complete Astrophile -look into the telescope at the library when the librarian tells you to 


Green Koi P. Atk +5 M.Atk +5 

Explore Nibelungen 

Off the top of my head there is 

2 at Cassell College one in the park/ the other on the bottom near basketball court 

2 at Siberia Harbor one in the forest close to the orphanage/ another by the lighthouse 


Red Petals Umbrella +100 beauty 


Go to Chizuru 

To be continued…

by Zeftyy
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