December 2020 – Gacha Gaming Tier List

The December update of the Mobile Gacha Tier List is finally here. With 2020 coming into an end, this list takes a list of all played Gacha Games heading into 2021. 

This list takes into account several different ranking criteria for Gacha Games: 

Graphics – How well the game looks from its in game combat, art, animations, and cutscenes

Story – This is not only how well the story is written but also how well it is told. This category takes into consideration the voice acting, dialog delivery method, expressions, and overall delivery of the campaigns stories.

Gameplay – This criteria is based on how fluid, unique, compelling, and challenging the gameplay is. If the game feels clunky, slow, or uninteresting, it could have a very negative effect on the entire rating of the game.

Uniqueness – This criteria is truly based around immersion, thematics gameplay system analysis compared to the industry, and overall how well branded is this game. 

Monetization – Simply put, how often is the developer demonstrating the game is a cash grab. 

Community – This category take into consideration the communities size, growth, involvement, and tone. This does not consider how passionate and loyal a group is. 


NOTE – It is important to remember that this is the viewpoint of Gacha Jay, and Gacha Jay only. These rankings do not reflect the official opinion of Eden of Gaming. It also does not cover every game in the industry due to the limit time played by the creator. 

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