Crossing Void Global Gacha Rate Error

Error Found In Stated Gacha Rate for Pity System

When a player of Crossing Void Global was repeatedly failing to pull a character with a stated 98.0652% gacha rate, they thought they were just having the worst gacha luck ever… until others started reporting similar “bad luck”.  With the chances of multiple people actually having such horrible luck being in the “ less than 1 in a billion” territory, the community turned to the devs for answers.

Finally an answer came today from a mod on the official Crossing Void Global discord.  It read: 

It is being handled.  We have already found out the reason and contacted them. It is due to abnormal account statuses during that period of time and some players encountered the same problem as well.  We will make up for his loss

Here is the image:

Needless to say, many players in the community are not satisfied with this response.  There has still been no official word from the developers themselves, nor any explanation of what the problem was or which accounts might be affected.

The problem seems to lie in one of the Pity Systems implemented in the game.   A Pity System is meant to give players higher probabilities or guarantees after continuously not getting from the gacha what they seek.  These systems are becoming more and more popular as ways to soften the negative effects of bad luck and give players more confidence that they will get returns for time and/or money invested in the game.  It seems ironic that a system meant to instill confidence in spending on the game, is now having the opposite effect.

The Pity System in question for Crossing Void Global is called the Lucky Value.  This value increases every time you pull on the rate-up banner but do not receive the rate-up S rarity character.  Each failed pull increases the chance of getting ANY S character, and is reset to 0 when the rate-up S rarity character is pulled.  In several cases, the Lucky Value was showing rate-up character probabilities in the high 90s percentile, with multiple pulls afterward still not rewarding the rate-up character.

Having low pull rates already creates a great deal of frustration in players, especially if their personal results are below the rates that are stated.  Having confidence that the company is legit and honest is a key factor for creating player willingness to spend, especially since there is no way for the player to actually check that the stated rates are legit.

The question remains: Will this bug, and they way they are handling the community, cause players to lose confidence and leave the game?  Or will they be able to make things right and restore the faith? The probability of success is…….?


by Alyeska
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