Crossing Void Global Apologizes, Promises Compensation

Crossing Void Global Issues Apology for Rate Mistake and Promises Compensation

Crossing Void Global issued a public apology to its players today for a mistake that caused some players to have gacha rates lower than what were stated.  The apology comes after photos circulated that showed players failing to pull rate-up characters despite a displayed gacha rate in the high 90s percentile.  More information about the mistake can be found in our previous article here.

The issued statement blames the bug on “abnormal account status”, and promises to find and contact all accounts that were affected.  

If you have received a mail entitled “Abnormal Account Status Warning”, please contact our CSR as soon as possible so that we could compensate for your loss.

We will contact you via in-game mail immediately if your account has been verified to encounter the same issue, and we will compensate you appropriately.

If you think you may have been affected, it says:

If you think your account experienced the same problem, please contact us in-game via [Settings] – [Customer Service] – [Contact US]. We will help verify it on a case-by-case basis.

And finally the promised compensation:

We will announce the detailed investigation results to all Void Agents right after we finish the investigation process.

All players in the server will be compensated for what has happened as well. 

It is nice to see the game publicly admit the mistake, and resolve it the best they can.  Here’s to hoping Crossing Void and its players can move forward with happy rolls and the best of luck.

The entirety of the apology can be found on their Facebook (link below)

More Information

Crossing Void Global is a turn-based anime style RPG featuring characters from the many animes of Dengeki Bunko.

by Alyeska
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