We are looking for CONTENT creators for our team

    Passionate about gaming content? Love making great, high-quality gaming videos? Why don’t you join us in making this community even better for everyone?

    EoG is excited to present our PARTNER PROGRAM, where you get CASH for your CONTENT. Here is how much you are earning by submitting your content to us:

    • 500 word gaming article: $5
    • 1000 word gaming article: $10
    • 1 hour of active gameplay (with actual events/activities): $10
    • Tier-list with basic layout (photos + text): $15
    • Tier-list with advanced layout (going beyond a normal photo and text tier-list): $25+
    • Guide: $10+ (depends on length and quality)

    TALK TO US FIRST ABOUT YOUR TOPIC BEFORE SENDING US THE CONTENT. Not all gaming content is relatable to our purposes.
    The admin team has the right to choose which material they think is fit.
    Rewards will only be given out if your content is up to our standards.
    NO PLAGARISM (don’t go to another website and copy their content and claim it as yours)

    After 3 successful content submission, you will be granted EoG content writer role and communicate with our admin team directly.

    If you are interested in any of these roles, join our discord – discord.gg/edenofgaming – or contact us by email hello@edenofgaming.com