In this article we will cover the real meaning behind completing Conquests also known as Raids. At the current time they give us a chance of obtaining a Nightmare, so for whales who already have several SR / L Nightmare, they might look pointless, but that will change at one point. Which is why it is still recommended to complete Conquests and obtain Cores. Withing the depths of Conquests, it will be possible to obtain very powerful weapons, they require specific materials that you can already start farming now.

Current state of Conquest.

The way conquest works is that every stage has a chance of dropping a nightmare. Where the last verse has 100% chance on the first clear to drop the specific Nightmare. While doing so they also provide you with a drop known as “Core” There are three different existing cores, which are split up through elements as we know them. Fire, Wind & Water.

We had our first Encounter with Jörmungandr. Which would drop a Core. Currently Emil is up, he doesn’t drop a Core as he is a Collaboration Conquest. Next up will be Fafnir, a Dragon type Conquest (Will get into “Dragons” later in this article with a recommendation) Fafnir is confirmed to drop a core as well. So make sure you clear it out if possible!

Cores. How do they work?

To give you the best example, I guess it would be best to show examples. As a Sorcmin user, I shall represent you Tomes for my examples. But as said they exists as any weapon. At the current time there are two tomes they are called “Husk I” and “Husk II

Husk I

At first glance one will fast realise the weapon cost of 99. While the stats aren’t impressive either. One would ask themselves, why would this Tome be worth it? Or even worth creating an article over. For starters, I wanted to showcase the Evolution Materials. As you can see they require Jormungandr’s Core, Fafnir Core and later on the Ogre Core. Next up the moment you upgrade them the real magic happens. I present you the evolution L version of Husk I.

We can now see the Cost being reduced from 99 to 19 so it is useful now. The tome received a lot of useful stats too which it didn’t have before, but the current skills of the weapon feels “bad” but there is more to it. If you look closely the skills are labelled with “Custom +” and the materials below says “Skill Customisation” So it is possible to alter the weapon skills. Before digging deeper into the “Custom +” I would like to showcase the “Husk II” as well, to really show you how strong Conquest Weapons can be.

Custom +

Now with said cores it is possible to roll the skill to a different skill. I’ll link the website again so you can yourself try it out. Here is a picture as well.

Active skills can also change. There are as many skills as there are passives so this time around i’ll post my favourite ones.

So as you might have found out now, these weapons can be Incredible Strong. Even for Whales they are not worth skipping out on. Make sure to get as many Cores as possible. In the possible future reruns will exists, these reruns will even have Hard Mode so more drops will be possible. Here is a Wiki entry of all Conquests and their Cores – Next up as said is Fafnir and then Ogre

Additional Advice Current Event and Dragons

Right now there is an Armor Event active which provides affinity against Dragons. This set is incredible to collect and upgrade immediately. Not because Fafnir is upcoming and is a Dragon affinity but because this specific equipment can be saved and used with all futuristic Dragon Conquests too. Even Hard Mode Reruns of Fafnir. Every set in this game will provide with different stats. The charm equipment also has an affinity so at one point it is also worth obtaining them. The affinity is a stat boost upon joining the encounter so healers, sorcmins will also have additional stats for better healing, buffs or even debuffs.

Need additional help?

If you have questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me on Discord. I’m known as Emma or Rahel. You can find me on my own server, Eden’s own server or even SINoAlice Global Discord Server where I’m an enlisted Community Leader. So I should be fairly easy to spot!

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