Genshin Impact Reroll Guide

Introduction With Genshin Impact officially launching in less than a week, it’s good to start looking at possible characters you’d like to try and either


Iron Saga – General Pilots Overview

This is an overview for newer players to see what pilots are worth investing in for PVP.This list is based on Halorser’s understanding and knowledge of


Lord of Heroes Guide

Energy Times Event Times Renown Primeval Halls Raid 1 energy: 12 seconds 120 energies: 10 minutes 360 energies: 30 minutes 720 energies: 1 hour 1440


Lord of Heroes Tier List

This tier list will give you a better idea of where units are mainly used but keep in mind that this game is heavily gear


Lord of Heroes F.A.Q.

As a new player, you probably have a million questions about this game that isn’t quite obvious. We have taken your input and have done


Iron Saga Mecha Build

Table of Contents Generic Build Generic Melee Build Main Pilot   Co Pilot   Parts Core Shell Support Armor Coat Pet Parts Alternative Shell –


Iron Saga Pilots Build

Iron Saga Pilots Build This section will cover pilots that are currently available in EN server (accurate as per Last update date). Pilots will only