A3: Still Alive – Class Guide

5 Beginning Classes Picking your class is the first decision you have to make in A3: Still Alive, and that decision sticks with you throughout

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Story/PvP Tierlist

Story/PvP Tierlist   ???Enforcer – The Enforcer are only available in Arcana and fighting against them in Story mode. SSS TIER Miyuki – Hands down


Arcana Illusion Connect GUIDE

ARCANA ILLUSION CONNECT GUIDE Hi everyone, ill be here to help you guys of how to play Arcana in Illusion Connect.When you first start the


Iron Saga – Farmable Mechs

Main Story – Encounter Farmable Mechs Includes all the mechs you can always farm in story mode. New mechs will be added when global gets


Lord of Heroes Raid Guide

Lord of Heroes RAID GUIDE In raids the best way is the cycle of the team.SPEED is the key for the cycle. It all comes