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Minecraft Earth Beginner Tutorial

This is Minecraft Earth, which means that the concept behind it is pretty simple – You go outside, seek tappables (resource nodes), gather resources, craft, and bring your vision to life. It has the potential to provide limitless possibilities, where your imagination is the only true barrier.


DisgaeaRPG 2.0 Step by Step Guide

Join our Discord for more gaming news and discussions.by Addol Based on Version 2.0.0 Introduction Welcome to the step-by-step tutorial on how to start playing DisgaeaRPG.VPN is required, feel free to use your favourite one and connect yourself to Japan. Getting Started – Step by Step Tap the screen. Tap the button in the right …

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DisgaeaRPG Reroll Guide

First Single Pull Tutorial First Multi Pull Tutorial Character Skills Character Popular Tutorial Pick Tierlist based on v1.0.4 First Single Pull (Tutorial) – Available 3★ Characters Laharl Adell Mao Valvatorez Killia Rozalin Seraphina Raspberyl Desco First Multi Pull (Tutorial) – Available 3★ Characters Zeroken Sicily Christo Emizel Red Magnus Axel Fenrich Character – Skills Character …

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Trainwreck: VGAME

These past few weeks were indeed busy for China mobile players. Punishing Gray Raven opened the gates for its third CBT; Arknights had its new event and VGAME opened its doors finally to Android players. A game that I have personally followed since alpha. However, if you’ve read the title, you know I’m not here to praise the game. Instead, I want to tell everyone why VGAME is currently a trainwreck and a mess of a game.