Blade & Soul: Revolution – Pre-reg opens March 24th, 2020

Pre-reg opens March 24th, 2020

Blade & Soul: Revolution is the mobile title of the famous PC MMO, Blade & Soul. Following its predecessor’s popularity, Blade & Soul: Revolution (Or BnsR for short) will be rocking its Unreal Engine 4 system, making the game one of the most beautiful mobile games on the market.

Recently, most BnS Global fans probably have already heard the date “March 24, 2020” circulating around. The date has been added on both BnS Official Facebook Page and netmarble’s BnS official page. We are not sure if this is the Pre-reg for all the Global servers or only SEA exclusive for now, but that can’t deny the fact that BnSR is coming to Global soon.


Blade & Soul: Revolution’s Official Trailer

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