Blade & Soul Revolution: Pets and Stats Guide

Pets and Stats Guide

Blade and Soul Revolution Pet Guide 

1. Summon and equip a pet to increase your stats 

(From Shop – Pet – Summon) 
4 ways to get a pet
-Watch Ads 1 daily
-Pay 25k silver for Normal to Superior type
-Pay 90k silver for Normal to Heroic (RNG)
-Pay using Crystal for Normal to Heroic (RNG)

2. Collecting all the pets for each category will give you bonus Stats (auto apply)


Normal Pets 

Refined Pets

Superior Pets

Heroic Pets


  1. Upgrade: You can use x3 or more to get higher grade pet, The more the better chances of success.

  2. Fuse: Fusing pets, you can change the stats and appearance by sacrificing same grade pet. 

  3. Ascension: Level up your pet by feeding pet guardian stones, (stats increase every lvl) 

  4. Evolve: Evolve your pet to higher tier pet (1 legendary + 1 legendary = RNG)

[Attack Pets] 

Legendary Category

Best Pet: Wukong (PVP) and Awakened Dragon

 Alternative: Dragon, Awakened Lycan

 Heroic Category

 Best Pet: Awakened Infernal Lord (PVP), Awakened Fleeso

 Alternative: Blossom, Impy

 {Option} Pet optional stats

 Best Option: Fierce (PVP), Critical, Aggressive, Violent (PVP Party) 

 Alternative Option: Sharp, Healing (Survive)


[Defense Pet]

Legendary Category

Best Pet: Snapjaw Elder, Wukong (PVP) 

 Alternative: Sacred Longgui, Owl

 Heroic Category

 Best Pet: Snapjaw Fighter, Awakened Infernal Lord (PVP)

 Alternative: Cactus, Ploggles

{Option} Pet optional stats

 Best Option: Firm (PVP Party), Tough (PVP) Impervious, Defensive

 Alternative: Protective

[Hunt Pet]  LVLing and Loots

 Legendary Category

 Best Pet: Emperor Carp

 Heroic Category

 Best Pet: Weasel (EXP), Chester (Silver and Loot) 

{Option} Pet optional stats

 Best Option: Covetous (Heroic Only), Studious

 Alternative: Sturdy


 Studious Emperor Carp (EXP) 


 Chester and Weasel with Covetous Option

 Now why would I recommend Heroic pets and not the legendary? It’s because of the 1 option that the Legendary don’t have. Covetous Option. 

Legendary Carp can only give 26% Drop rate.  Chester with Covetous gives 36% Drop rate while 35% for Weasel. 

This is especially useful for Training ground and Hongmoon arts. You have a higher chance of getting the Energies that you need so it is useful before end game. You can also get tickets, Premium Contribution items and other loots easier than before.




Offensive Stats:

Attack: Increases Your Base Damage Output

Piercing: Negates The Opponents’ Damage Reduction, Thereby Increasing Your Direct Damage Output Against Opponents With Good Defense

Accuracy: Decreases Chances of Your Enemy Blocking Your Attack

Critical Hit: Increases Chances of Critically Striking The Opponent

Critical Damage: Increases Damage Multiplier When a Critical Strike Lands Successfully

Threat: Increases The Chances of an Enemy To TARGET YOU OVER OTHER ASSAILANTS (although this isn’t very true, as i, which have 7% Threat, Still gets targeted most of the time)

Defensive Stats:

Defense: Reduces Base Damage Taken From Non-Enraged Enemies

HP: Increases Your Total Health Points

Block: Increases The Chances of Reducing The Opponents’ Output Damage by atleast 1/2 or 3/4

Critical Defense: Decreases The Opponents’ Critical Damage Multiplier On You

Additonal Stats:

PvP Additional Attack: Increases Output Damage against other Players

PvP Additional Defense: Decreases Output Damage of Other Players

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