Blade & Soul: Revolution – Beginners’ Guide


Starting up your journey From LVL 1 to Max LVL (200)

  • Focus on main quest / side quest 

Your main focus to is to reach MAX LVL
Upgrade your weapon to make your progression quick

  • Accessory to Focus Early game 

Accessory you need to focus at early game is EXP SET

  • EXP penalties 

MOBS LVL > YOUR LVL = More EXP  (but you deal less damage)
MOBS LVL < YOUR LVL = Less EXP (Deal more dmg  but drains your Stamina faster) 

*LVL penalties only apply when you’re LVL 199 and below
You can gain exp even have 0 stamina by doing the story quest (but no exp by killing mobs)

  • Upgrade your weapon as high as possible 

Doing Story quest / side quest will give you rewards to upgrade your equipment (no point to horde for later)

  • Soul shields to focus (SS is your armor in this game and it also give set bonus)

Focus on getting the EXP soul shield 

  • Every map got a Conquest Mission 

While doing your Main Quest and your side quest always check if there’s a Conquest mission for extra EXP

  • Daily Dungeons

This is another great way to earn plenty of Silvers and Exp. You will be asked to join the Local/Training Clan from the start. Afterward, you can do daily Dungeons by joining an active Clan/Guild.

  • Do Daily Time Limited Tasks

You can do a few more daily time-limited tasks to get Silver, Exp, and attractive rewards.

  • Participate in Events

You can also participate in seasonal tasks or an extra Quest play.

  • Level Up Hongmoon Training Area

You need to learn some skills and try to level up your competitors in the Hongmoon Training Area before you start fighting with Powerful Bosses or take part in one vs. one or two vs. two contests. You will see the herbs available on the side tracks during the training in Hongmoon. You need to pick up those herbs to craft a healing tonic.

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