Blade & Soul: Revolution – Before You Play

Lauching on May 14th


On the day you are formally accepted as one of the disciples of the Hongmoon School, Jinsoyun attacks the peaceful Heaven’s Reach, killing your master and fellow brethren.


“You… must survive… You must!”

With the Twilight’s Edge finally in her hands, Jinsoyun’s laughter echoes throughout Heaven’s Reach…

Pulling your feelings from the first scene

If you are like me, who always presses skip on every cutscene, trust me, do not skip any cutscene in Blade & Soul: Revolution. The story is beautifully drawn and written, that will last bitter sweet notes in your journey.

The graphic is amazing, powered by Unreal Engine 4.0. The music draws you in and lets you experience the story like you are one of the characters.

Initial Classes

The 4 classes that you can choose on launch are: Blade Master. Kungfu Master, Destroyer, and Force Master.

    Kungfu Master:

    The lord of tanking and countering, using his fists to block attack and countering with immunity. Along with his blue buff that raises party attack, he is the core of every party.

    Blade Master:

    Another tanker who instead of buffing, protects his party with the swords. Using his party iframe, he can save his whole party in even the worst situations.


    A master of spinning without getting dizzy, Destroyer does great AOE damage with CC, making sure you survive even against hordes of enemies.

    Force Master:

    Specialized in ranged attacks and protects your party with her ice, she can cast powerful magic and block any danger at the same time. The highest DPS class at launch.

    Choosing your faction

    By choosing a faction in Blade & Soul, you will:

    • Get a faction uniform (beware of wearing faction uniform as enemies of the opposite faction can attack you anywhere if you have the uniform on and they do too)
    • Faction quests
    • Join a guild (all guild mates must be in the same faction)
    • Earn faction prestige at Faction zones to trade in for various items such as soulstone that is needed for upgrades

    There are 2 factions in Blade & Soul: Crimson Legion (Red) and Cerulean Order (Blue).

    by Evenil
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