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Witch Absolute (lvl 60/70)

Horsepower offensive – Throws Aether grenades to attack enemies in an AOE; increased damage and reduces the enemies’ movement speed (140% PVE damage / 98% PVP damage)

Fireball – Provides three fiery attacks, which cause increased damage, lower the target’s armor, and applies a burning effect (325% PVE damage / 227% PVP damage)

Frost columns – Uses her cold powers to freeze the enemies in from; boosts the damage of her allies (233% PVE damage x3 / 163% PVP damage x3)

Cold fog – Further decreases attack speed, with increased range, and increased allied health regen (620% PVE damage x2 / 434% PVP damage x2)

Flame storm – The Witch transforms into a fiery entity, charging forward to damage and burn all enemies in her path; has increased defense during the animation (240% PVE damage / 168% PVP damage)

Ignition – Makes the earth erupt in flames, damaging everyone in the area (900% PVE damage / 630% PVP damage)

Horsepower – A powerful magic attack, damaging every target in its path; increases the caster’s attack power and lowers the movement speed of the targets (576% PVE damage x2 / 336% PVP damage x2)

Squall – Creates a devastating windy attack, damaging all enemies in front (242% PVE damage x2 / 154% PVP damage x2)

Meteor drop – Causes increased damage, has reduced cooldown, and applies a more potent burning effect (140% PVE damage / 98% PVP damage)

Lava eruption – Further reduces the targets’ movement speed, while increasing the caster’s defense; has a reduced cooldown

Healing energy (lvl 70) – A buff will increases critical hit damage and increases the Black Spirit’s Rage damage

Witch Awakening (lvl 60/70)


Flood – Attracts the lightning in an area to burn enemies with increased critical hit chance (762% PVE damage / 463% PVP damage)

Balance collapse – Triggers a powerful earthquake with increased range to break down enemy lines; reduces the targets’ defense (250% PVE damage x4 / 228% PVP damage x4)

Discharge – Summons the power of lightning to attack all enemies in an area and decrease their movement speed by 5% (299% PVE damage x4 / 204% PVP damage x4)

Guardian of lightning – Attack all enemies in front with the power of lightning, causing severe damages and reducing their attack speed (524% PVE damage x2 / 301% PVP damage x2)

Waves of cracks – Sends waves through the ground, dealing damage to enemies, knocking them down, and reducing their movement speed by 5% (287% PVE damage x5 / 181% PVP damage x5)

Current wave – Releases waves of lightning in front, damaging the enemies, pushing them back, and reducing their armor by 20 for 10 seconds; regenerates HP in the process (315% PVE damage x3 / 204% PVP damage x3)

Residual lightning – Unleashes a powerful lightning storm around her, damaging the enemies, reducing their attack by 20 for 10 seconds, and applying poison for 3 seconds (272% PVE damage x5 / 193% PVP damage x5)

Lightning – A long-range lightning attack that stuns the target, reduces its defense by 20 for 10 seconds, and inflicts severe damage (1045% PVE damage / 766% PVP damage)

Lightning storm – Casts a powerful lightning to strike in one place, triggering a massive explosion; knocks down the target and applies poison for 3 seconds (365% PVE damage x4 / 325% PVP damage x4)

Thunderstroke – Summons her Tett, who appears in a lightning form, damaging the enemies, increase movement speed and defense

Spirit of ad horn (lvl 70) – A powerful buff which grants 200 HP regeneration every two seconds for ten seconds

The Archmage pretty much follows the same path of the Witch in terms of killing potential. He is rather mediocre in this area because his prowess steams off of his gear rather than his skills. The Archmage is highly gear-dependent, which means that once acquiring a high-score gear, you will become a threat to behold.


The Archmage excels at avoiding stun-locks and CC abilities while possessing impressive evading skills. You will be all over the battlefield, as slippery and, with proper gearing and mechanics, as deadly as a viper. If you do lack the necessary gear score, however, you might want to settle for a different class for end-game

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