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Warrior Absolute (lvl 60/70)

Bang – Increased attack damage and applies a burning effect (372% PVE damage / 203% PVP damage)

Slicing – Increases critical hit chance and reduces the enemy’s armor, while inflicting Godly damage (1250% PVE damage / 975% PVP damage)

Flying sword – Deals increased damage, while reducing the enemies’ movement speed (379% PVE damage / 182% PVP damage)

Floor bang – Increases the range, provides effective HP recovery, and reduces the enemies’ movement speed (603% PVE damage x2 / 450% PVP damage x2)

Prodding deeply – Reduces the enemy’s damage and applies bleeding (370% PVE damage x3 / 234% PVP damage x3)

Shield vacuum – Increases defense while bashing the enemy with his shield (450% PVE damage / 259% PVP damage)

Dash sting – Decreases the enemy’s attack speed and increases damage per hit (350% PVE damage / 175% PVP damage)

Twilight wound – Increase the attack’s range, reduces the enemies’ damage, and applies bleeding (533% PVE damage x3 / 453% PVP damage x3)

Catch – Reduces the cooldown and reduces the enemy’s armor even further (372% PVE damage / 203% PVP damage)

Spear piercing the battlefield – Further reduces the enemies’ movement speed, increases range, and applies bleeding

An outcry (lvl 70) – Improves the buff’s critical damage increase and Black Spirit’s Rage damage increase

Warrior Awakening (lvl 60/70)

Merciless – Knocks down the enemy and applies three powerful slices with his great sword (770% PVE damage / 385% PVP damage)

Greatsword – Applies two sword slices at a great range, reducing the enemy’s movement speed (363% PVE damage x3 / 254% PVP damage x3)

Split Tomb – Two powerful sword slices which inflict high damage, knock down enemies, and apply bleeding; grants immunity to stun-locks and crowd control abilities during the animation (304% PVE damage / 259% PVP damage)

Burning – A rushing two-stab attack with increased damage, increased critical hit chance, and a burning effect; stuns the enemy on contact (350% PVE damage x4 / 140% PVP damage x4)

Breaking armor – Quick attack which reduces the enemy’s armor (800% PVE damage / 385% PVP damage)

Ankle breaking – Hit the enemies over their ankles, knocking them down, and reducing their movement speed (438% PVE damage x2 / 284% PVP damage x2)

Reckless strike – Violently attacks all enemies in the area, reducing their attack speed and causing bleeding (390% PVE damage x4 / 351% PVP damage x4)

Smash – Slices the enemies in an AOE two times for high damage and with increased range; provides HP regen on hit (351% PVE damage x3 / 193% PVP damage x3)

Balance stroke – Charges the enemy in front, hitting him twice with his shoulder; causes damage, increases defense, and stuns the target (660% PVE damage / 385% PVP damage)

Rush of Madness – Charges the enemy with increased defense and increased range, causing high damage and applying bleeding

Berserker (lvl 70) – A buff that restores 100 health every 2 seconds for 10 seconds, increases movement speed and critical hit damage; also increases the Black Spirit’s Rage damage

The Berserker is the most feared figure on the battlefield. His combos are the most damaging, as he uses his shield as both a defensive tool and a disabling weapon. If you’re a fan of in-your-face combat styles, the Berserker should be your first pick.

To make us of his full potential, choose your target, and alternate the devastating combos with annoying knock-down and disabling abilities. You will be most effective against ranged classes like Rangers and Witches, but, in general, everybody will fear yo

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