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Valkyrie Absolute (lvl 60/70)

Throwing shield – Increases attack power, increases maximum uses, and regenerates HP (240% PVE damage / 127% PVP damage)

Sword of condemnation – Increased attack speed, increased range, and higher damage per hit (687% PVE damage x2 / 520% PVP damage x2)

Sharp light – Increases attack power, reduces the enemies’ attack speed, and applies a bleeding effect (280% PVE damage x3 / 252% PVP damage x3)

Scourge – Reduces the enemies’ damage and applies a burning effect (240% PVE damage / 127% PVP damage)

Brilliant charge – Reduces the cooldown and reduces the enemies’ armor (491% PVE damage / 288% PVP damage)

Heavenly window – Reduces the enemies’ movement speed and applies a burning effect, while inflicting massive damage (800% PVE damage / 640% PVP damage)

Punishment – Increased range, further decreases the target’s attack speed and defense (240% PVE damage / 225% PVP damage)

Shield chase – Increases defense and decreases the target’s movement speed (280% PVE damage / 102% PVP damage)

Judgment of light – Increase range and defense (286% PVE damage / 208% PVP damage)

Flash cutting – Reduced cooldown and range for better AOE effects

Elion’s Breath (lvl 70) – A strong buff, increasing yourself and your allies’ critical hit damage; also increases the Black Spirit’s Rage damage

Valkyrie Awakening (lvl 60/70)


Holy bang – Smashes the enemies with her shield, then uses the Lancia to stab the targets; decreases the enemies’ defense, while increasing Lancer’s defense (400% PVE damage / 220% PVP damage)

Purification shield – Strikes the target with her shield, recovering HP in the process and gaining increased defense (547% PVE damage x2 / 380% PVP damage x2)

Lightning sting – Imbues her Lancia with a divine power to stab and knock down the enemy; provides increased critical hit chance and applies burning (512% PVE damage x3 / 383% PVP damage x3)

Conviction – A leaping Lancia attack which decreases the enemy’s attack speed, knocks down the targets, and provides immunity to stun-locks and crowd control (596% PVE damage / 417% PVP damage)

Mortal rush – A straight line Lancia attack, piercing through enemies, and knocking them down; provides immunity to stun-locks and CC abilities during the animation (380% PVE damage / 168% PVP damage)

Lancia of Justice – Pierces the ground with her Lancia, causing a blast of energy which damages and knocks down enemies around her; provides immunity to CC abilities during the animation (380% PVE damage / 168% PVP damage)

Chastisement – Three fast Lancia stabs which deliver high damage and knocks down the enemy (389% PVE damage x3 / 228% PVP damage x3)

Ensla’s Wrath – The Lancer uses Ensla’s Wrath to deliver a massive shock wave in front, damaging and knocking down all enemies in her path (260% PVE damage x5 / 169% PVP damage x5)

Ensla’s Deity – By the power of Ensla’s Divinity, the Lancer jumps high into the sky, then falls and pierces the ground with her Lancia, causing a devastating explosion in the area (1610% PVE damage / 1228% PVP damage)

Sanctification – Pours divine energy over an area, burning and reducing the movement speed of all enemies in sight

Ensla’s Grace (lvl 70) – Ensla’s Holy Power allows the Lancer to heal herself or an ally; also applies a buff that increases critical hit damage and boosts Black Spirit’s Rage damage

The Lancer is among the more balanced classes, with average-to-high DPS, good defense, and trapping abilities. You have three charge abilities, allowing you to catch up with your enemies, as well as some powerful combos to complement your mobility.


One aspect worthy of mentioning is the Lancer’s healing skill. It is the most potent in the game, giving you the edge in combat, when used properly. Most important is that it doesn’t fall short in any aspect, even though it does tend to lean more on survivability than killing potential.

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