Valkyrie is the cavalry of black desert mobile, posessing the ability to charge into battle in a split second and charge out just as quickly. With multiple long-distance charge skills she is arguably the fastest of the 5 starting classes. Combined with her numerous Super Armor & Forward Guard skills, she is able to tank a lot of damage + cc and still retreat safely. She isn’t lacking in CC skills herself either, posessing several stun, bound and knockdown skills in her arsenal. She is also able to deal massive amounts of damage with her fast sword attacks. However she does have a rather high skill cap and it may take some effort to completely master her talents.

Awakening Class: Lancer

Absolute Class: Paladin

Class Rating

AreaRating ( 0 - 10 )
PvE farming8.5
PvE boss8.5

Skill Priority

Skill NameLevelExplanationPvE PvPBoss
Flurry of Kicks1Rarely use this skills except for memes13th15th14th
Severing Light1Very good early to mid-game but should be replaced after
you un-lock the enhancement on the higher lvl skills
Shield Throw4Amazing skill for farming. One of her two long-range skills3rd12th7th
Sword of Judgement7Better version of severing light and very useful for cc in pvp
in combination with shield chase
Shield Chase10The all-important skill that glues her kit together. This is
valkyrie's main movement/charge skill
Sharp Light14High %damage skill with quick cast-speed. Great for farming
and bossing
Glaring Slash18Huge AoE sword skill with high %damage. Drawbacks are its'
high cool-down and lack of cc
Punishment22Good for pvp and nothing else15th7th15th
Celestial Spear27Valkyrie's 2nd long range skill. High %damage and short cast
Radiant Charge31Her other charge skill that has higher %damage but longer
cool-down and only has 1 charge
Breath of Elion36Healing + move-speed buff, must have for farming!1st5th6th
Elion's Blessing40Good buff skill for pvp but very hard to justify taking
this over breath of elion
Divine Wrath45CC skill that can be useful in pvp but valk just has too many
other great skills to choose from
Radiant Smite50High %damage AoE skill with cc. Again its a good skill but
its really up to personal preference whether to include it in
your skill cycle or not for different situations
Judgement of Light55Ultimate skill, big AoE but has long cast-time and long
cool-down. Similar situation as the 2 skills above


-High combat mobility

-Able to tank damage / cc when using certain skills

-Fastest farmer amongst the melee classes

-High damage w/ quick sword skills

-Can dress up as asuna


-Charges tends to go further than you want it to and there is no option to stop mid-charge

-Melee characters are susceptible to kiting especially against rangers

-Kit feels kind of clunky

-High difficulty to master


-Max out attack-speed, it makes a big difference on a class like valkyrie

-Use your mobility to your advantage: you can rush in, cc the enemy, do damage and rush out before they can retaliate

-Turning off the “increase distance” perk on your charges makes it easier to control in exchange for shorter range

-Against rangers you should pay attention to which direction they’re kiting towards and use your charge predictively

Final Thoughts

My greatest regret in soft launch was that I did not spend enough time on valkyrie and thus never truly mastered her complicated skill kit. With classes like ranger and witch I was able to perform fairly well on them even with minimal practice. But with valkyrie I always felt that I could have done something better. Even when I was absolutely decimating my opponents I felt inadequate. After every match I go into the next match thinking of ways to improve. There is just so much potential in this class, so many mind games that you can play.

Writer: Cat Daddy (Chris)

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