Black Desert Mobile Tips & Tricks from a Whale

Author: Cat Daddy (Visionary, Unlimited Spendcap and Cat Whisperer)

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  1. Your Family Name is the one that matters! It will be the name that is shown above your character, in rankings, everywhere. Character name is only viewable to you
  2. Combat plus, Camp plus, and Black Spirit plus are the best packs to buy! They cost $5 each and lasts 14 days. It is necessary to buy them if you want to stay competitive as they improve your ability to farm in the game. (You CAN buy them from the market for 1.5m silver each)
  3. Equip the best light stones you have before enhancing equipment, fusing crystals or feeding gear to your black spirit for cheaper costs / higher success rate / higher exp
  4. Buy chicken soup + special chicken soup buffs daily
  5. You can purchase accessories from the accessory shop and sell them in the market for a decent profit (some items have a 30% sales tax but you will still make a profit even then)
  6. You can only collect silver from sold items in the market 5 times a day, try to sell only your most expensive items and try to always collect 5 times daily for maximum silver gains
  7. Start taming / leveling horses as early as possible. You need to level horses to lvl10 before you can breed them
  8. Do NOT use black spirit auto-hunt! Black spirit auto-hunt mode is garbage because you will receive much less exp / drops compared to auto-farming in sleep-mode
  9. Prioritize workers with high dex for faster material farming
  10. Enhance equipment / accessories equally for the bonus effects (Equipment & accessories bonus effects are separate). Gold accessories are very expensive early-game so it might be better to just enhance blues / purples if you’re f2p for the extra %branch damage. You do have to upgrade eventually though
  11. Check your skills for which branch stat you use the most (pick 2) & focus on getting those 2 stats on your crystals / lightstones
  12. Black spirit quests resets daily but levelling the black spirit to certain levels resets the tier and give you new quests so try to finish all 3 quests before levelling it to certain tiers for extra quests + rewards
  13. Do not over-purchase items such as potions/pet food because they are heavy in bulk and you want to have as little weight as possible for longer farming sessions
  14. Having higher LT limit is more important than extra inventory slots, focus on getting more LT after getting 150+ inventory slots
  15. You can pre-order stuff you want in the market so that it auto-buys for you when someone sells it (you do however need to pay the full amount of silver first)
  16. Make sure all your friends are active! You can exchange greetings daily for social tokens which you can use to purchase loot boxes in the pearl shop. You can have up to 50 friends so add every guildie
  17. There is a mileage shop all the way at the bottom of the pearl shop (you get mileage from purchasing stuff with black/white pearls)
  18. Most important dailies! If you have limited time on certain days, these are the tasks you should do to achieve maximum progress. Send workers to world gathering + plant the seeds that takes the longest to grow. Black spirit quests (gives boss rush / ruins tickets). Guild check-in + Guild quests (gives boss rush / ruins tickets from dailies)
  19. Turn on outlaw mode after lvl40 for +5% combat xp and drop rate
  20. Nodes are not worth doing at the beginning. It eats up too much worker time / resources. You want to focus on gathering materials first
  21. Best 2 pet skills are the +LT skill & the +dark energy exp skill. If you are spending money then breed pets until you get tier 4 for max skills
  22. Having high amity with certain NPCs gives increased daily quest rewards & discount on packages
  23. Knowledge gives you a lot of CP in bdm. You will finish a good portion of it just from completing the main quest-line but the rest you will have to look up guides to find because some are very hidden
  24. Switching mains is extremely easy in bdm. Everything is shared between your characters. The only things that are not shared are levels, main quest-line progression, class-skill levels & weapon / sub-weapon.
  25. Don’t use stamina to do anything other than harvesting materials unless you have to
  26. Remember to feed your pets or they won’t loot the treasure chests
  27. If you want to harvest only regular logs & rugged boulders, go to Forest of Seclusion or Forest of Plunder in the 1st zone. They drop much more often there than the advanced zones
  28. Don’t farm monsters that are more than 6 levels below you. You won’t get any drops or exp from them. Fighting monsters, a lot higher level than you don’t seem to have any penalties
  29. If you’re reading this that means you made it through 28 tips tricks and survived. Impressive! You are now a friend to the Feline Father, who shall always love & shelter you. Who will never abandon you the way the cruel bots did. Those cruel machines that possess neither warmth nor feelings
  30. To the right of the mini-map is a icon of a house. You can save your farming spot there and auto-travel back to it after selling your junk in town
  31. Make 3 skill settings. One for afk auto-farming, one for PvP, and one for boss/dungeons
  32. Turn on target-lock for pvp & bosses, will make targeting them much easier
  33. There are shrines in certain maps that gives repeatable kill quests, you can keep doing those for black stones + contribution exp. You can check for those quests by clicking on the magnify glass icon next to the mini map
  34. Check your camp / nodes every so often. There are random rewards / quests that spawns there from time to time
  35. When doing boss rush remember to manually set your multiplier to 1 on the lower difficulties. You want to save your multipliers/tickets for the highest difficulty you can do for maximum rewards
  36. Save your ancient tablets until you are ready to challenge the highest difficulty (currently chamber 5). You should do Ruins with a strong party (preferably with guild members) to save time as the boss has a lot of hp. And yes, I skipped 36
  37. If you are in urgent need of silver, going from lvl1 to lvl80 in arena gives you 10.3m+ silver from achievements. This can be done in 3 to 4 hours depending on how fast you end your matches (level 1 to 50 can be done in less than an hour)
  38. Don’t waste materials building or upgrading structures that you don’t need. Focus on upgrading the town hall & lodging so you can get more workers
  39. You can level your alts very quickly in the high-level areas after you complete the main quest-line
  40. BDM has great controller support. You can use one to pvp on android/apple devices and emulators
  41. You can purchase crystals & skill books from towns (they restock every hour)
  42. Doing more damage in world boss = higher chance for good rewards & dying in world boss = penalty in rewards. So try to dodge his attacks while doing maximum dps
  43. You can dismantle your weapon/sub-weapon for up to 80% of the blackstones back if you want to switch classes later on
  44. Check collection for possible rewards before feeding gear to black spirit / selling goods to merchants
  45. You can turn on black spirit mode during maintenances
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