Black Desert Online

Author: Sharley (Pet lover, community idol, adores art)

Ranger Absolute (lvl 60/70)

Full range shooting – Increased range and maximum usage (300% PVE damage / 210% PVP damage)

Will of the wind – Increased damage and maximum usage (150% PVE damage x3 / 135% PVP damage x3)

A flat blade wind – Inflicts bleeding, reduces defense, and restores vitality (377% PVE damage / 301% PVP damage)

Arrow squirt – Reduces attack speed but applies a more effective burning effect (384% PVE damage x3 / 345% PVP damage x3)

A short-lived flurry – Reduces movement speed but increases the number of uses and reduces the target’s defense (650% PVE damage / 585% PVP damage)

Evasion explosive shot – Decreases speed, reduces the reuse cooldown (200% PVE damage / 180% PVP damage)

A rotary cut – Increases attack speed and reduces the target’s defense (270% PVE damage x2 / 243% PVP damage x2)

Rotary arrow – Increases range, applies improved bleeding, boosts attack damage (700% PVE damage / 409% PVP damage)

Feather – Channeling skill will reduces movement speed but increases defense and attack range (250% PVE damage x6 / 212% PVP damage x6)

Earth Calling (lvl 70) – Applies a power buff which increases critical damage and increases the Black Spirit’s Rage damage

Ranger Awakening (lvl 60/70)

Wind – Leap forward, stunning the enemy and reduce the reducing the target’s movement speed; immune to all forms of stun-lock during the animation

Yunmu of the wind – Leap forward, causing high damage, restoring the HP per hit, and inflicting bleeding

Howling wind – Hurls a ranged blow with increased critical hit chance, while decreasing the enemy’s attach speed

Tremor of Mother Nature – Throws a barrage of blades at the enemies, stunning them, with increased critical chance; immune to all forms of stun-lock during the animation

Vine Knot – A jumping attack which causes high damage, increases attack power, increases maximum number of uses, and reduces movement speed

Elemental Wrath – Summon the power of the spirits to increase attack range, increase defense, reduce the enemy’s attack power, and knock down the target

Wind auger – A leaping attack, rendering you immune to stun-locks, which inflicts bleeding, increases the number of strikes, and reduces the target’s defense

Blast – Throws three waves of blades which increase the attack power and apply bleeding; the last wave knocks down the enemy

Re-creation – Slams the ground, increasing attack power and defense, and knocking down the enemy

Tutelary – Summon the power of Kamasilb to increase critical damage, defense, movement speed, and boost Black Spirit’s Rage damage; also applies a 2-health regen per second

The Windwalker is expert at evading and dealing extensive amounts of damage if left unchecked. Unfortunately, mastering the Windwalker will require a lot of micromanagement due to his low defense. He is squishier, compared to melee classes, forcing you to adopt more tactical approaches, as opposed to head-on attacks.

Only use him if you trust your in-game mechanics. Otherwise, you will quickly fall prey to Warriors, Giants, or Valkyries, and their devastating combos. In end-game PVP, everything revolves around running, dodging, and blinking your way out of danger, rather than attacking and killing. Keep that in mind!

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