Nightmare – a hardcore mode that will be made available in selected areas. Those are 100 player instances with forced pvp. monsters are stronger but also drop better loot.


  • much stronger hostile monsters will appear in [Nightmare]
  • pvp mode is always active. attacking any adventurer is possible (excluding guild members)
  • entrance to [nightmare] is limited only to channel 1 on each server
  • able to say inside only for 5 minutes without attacking. killing monsters and players will extend this time.
  • if your capacity exceeds 90% of monsters will not extend playtime until it falls below 80%.



  • simplified how monsters are arranged in [boss mission: red nose]


  • upon acquiring knowledge, a popup will now include the percentage completed in the current area.

Bug fixes


  • fixed a visual bug that appears in [reward result] when [reward rate] is set to 10 or higher in [ancient ruins]
  • a popup message will now appear upon pressing [cancel] on [guild quest] if the quest is unable to be canceled.
  • pet icons will no longer appear when gaining experience with the minimap expanded.
  • fixed an issue where [region selection] does not work correctly
  • fixed an issue where pages in [rank] would not refresh unless [send praise] has been completed.


  • fixed an issue where picture and name of the NPC would appear incorrectly after completing the ‘Calpheon northern plantation’ quest.


[participation reward] will be given if the current* [guild] has had at least one participation in [node war] before maintenance. in addition, a [victory reward] will also be given if the current* [guild] has gained possession of a [node] at least once during pre-season.

*[participation reward] and [victory reward] will not be rewarded if the adventurer is currently not a member of the [guild] that has participated in [node war] / gained possession of a [node].

*if the current [guild] has gained possession of a [node] more than once, the [victory reward] received will be based on the highest tier [node] that the [guild] has possessed.

*even if the adventurer has gained possession of a higher tier [node] in a previous [guild], the [victory reward] will be determined on the highest tier [node] possessed by the adventurer’s current [guild].



  • fixed an issue where auto-hunt occasionally stops when pressing the quest widget


[breath of elion]: “raise defense” effect has been changed to “restore HP”.


  • [protective aura] skill name has been changed to [Healing Aura]
  • “raise defense” effect when using [protective aura] has been changed to “restore hp”


  • [call of the earth]: “restores hp” effect has been added.
  • “increase movement speed” enhancement in [call of the earth] has been changed to “restore HP”


New events:

  • daily login event season 2
  • trial by fire event (starts 11/21 ends on grand launch 12/11)

Discontinued events:

  • spooky’s special Halloween dungeon event
  • guild mission reward event
  • node war pre-season event

Pearl Shop

New products:

  • camp development package (herb grass, cotton wool, silk ball, pale softwood, copper ore etc. obtain 100x of each 9 different resources) – 40 white pearls; max 5
  • conquerer of bosses package (boss stamp x60, ancient tablet x60) – 800 white pearls; 1/week
  • restoration support package (restoration scroll x50, artisan’s memory x50, memory fragment x50) – 900 white pearls; 1/week
  • pearl shop discount on [horse taming rope] and [raw sugar]

Items removed after the next maintenance:

  • combat support package
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