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Black Desert Mobile Node War Tips: What to bid?

What are Node Wars in Black Desert Mobile?

Node war is one of the most important PVP events in Black Desert Mobile, that requires not only skills, but communication and strategies between guild members. The siege of nodes takes place every day except Saturday, at 22:00. In case of failure, the guild may take part in the siege of another node the next day.

Up to 3 guilds can take part in Node War (per node). The participants will be chosen based on bids. If a guild is occupying a node, there will be 2 other guilds in contest to fight the defending guild over the node.

Node War lasts 2 hours or until one victorious guild remains on the battlefield. If, after two hours, there are more than 1 guild remaining on the battlefield, the node becomes a draw.

There is a minimum of 10 members required to participate in Node Wars. If a guild fails to supply with the amount of players, they will be banned from participating/bidding on nodes for 7 days.

There are 3 levels of nodes on the map – Level 1, 2, and 3. The higher the level, the more taxes you can collect from the nodes.

How do you gain points in Node Wars?

Points are given for participating in Node Wars

Category Destroy Command Post Destroy Fort Destroy Gate Mount Killed Destroy Placement Object  Kill Number of Deaths Kill with Siege Weapon Performance
Points Given 20 10 15 0 1 1 0 1 Total

What are the Nodes and which day?

Balenos Nodes

Node War Area Sunday (Level) Monday (Level) Tuesday (Level) Wednesday (Level) Thursday (Level) Friday (Level)
Eastern Velia Cron Castle (3) Heidel Vicinity (1) Forest of Plunder (1) Cron Castle Site (2) Ehwaz Hill (1) Goblin Cave (2)
Western Velia Western Guard Camp (3) Coastal Cave (1) Toscani Farm (1) Agris Altar (1) Imp Cave (2) Ancient Stone Chamber (2)
Eastern Olvia Western Gateway (2) Balenos River Mouth (1) Wolf Hill (1) Casta Farm (1) Olvia Coast (2) Wale Farm (1)
Western Olvia Elder’s Bridge (1) Thermian Cliff (1) Mask Owl Forest (2) Epheria Ridge (1) Foot of Thermian Mountain (1) Florin Gateway (2)

Serendia Nodes

Node War Area Sunday (Level) Monday (Level) Tuesday (Level) Wednesday (Level) Thursday (Level) Friday (Level)
Northern Serendia Lynch Ranch (1) Northern Guard Camp (1) Eastern Border (3) Northern Serendia Plains (1) Alejandro Farm (1) Heidel North Quarry (2)
Serendia Cienaga Glish Ruins (3) Central Guard Camp (1) Northwestern Gateway (2) Costa Farm (1) Glish Swamp (2) Southern Cienaga (1)
Serendia Outer Mountain Range Eastern Gateway (1) Southern Guard Camp (1) Moretti Plantation (3) Abandoned Castle Site (2) Bloody Monstery (1) Serendia Temple (2)
Serendia Neutral Zone Watch Tower (1) Southwestern Gateway (1) Biraghi Den (2) Bradie Fortress (1) Southern Neutral Zone (1) Orc Camp (1)

Calpheon Nodes

Node War Area Sunday (Level) Monday (Level) Tuesday (Level) Wednesday (Level) Thursday (Level) Friday (Level)
Northeastern Calpheon Northern Wheat Plantation (3) Delpe Knights Castle (1) Bree Tree Ruins (1) Khuruto Cave (1) Delpe Outpost (2) Karanda Ridge (1)
Northwestern Calpheon Epheria Valley (1) Abandoned Land (1) Quint Hill (2) Anti-Troll Fortification (3) Contaminated Farm (1) Epheria Sentry Post (2)
Calpheon Castle Site Rhutum Outstation (2) North Kaia Mountain (1) Lake Kaia (0) Catfishman Camp (2) Mansha Forest (3) Tobare’s Cabin (1)
Southwestern Calpheon Behr Riverhead (1) Phoniel’s Cabin (2) Longleaf Tree Forest (1) Longleaf Tree Sentry Post (1) Crioville (2) Treant Forest (1)
Southern Calpheon Hexe Sanctuary (3) Hexe Stone Wall (1) Marie Cave (2) Witch’s Chapel (1) Bear River Downstream (1) Rhua Tree Stub (1)
Southern Keplan Beacon Entrance Post (1) Saunil Camp (2) Primal Giant Posts (1) Trina Fort (3) Trina Beacon Mounds (1) Marni’s Lab (1)
Northern Keplan Northern Abandoned Quarry (1) Oze Pass (3) Keplan Hill (1) Keplan Vicinity (1) Abandoned Quarry (1) Oze’s House (2)

Mediah Nodes

Node War Area Sunday (Level) Monday (Level) Tuesday (Level) Wednesday (Level) Thursday (Level) Friday (Level)
Northern Mediah Sarma Outpost (3) Northern Mediah Gateway (2) Sausan Garrison (1) Mediah Northern Highland (1) Stonetail Wasteland (1) Kusha Village (1
Central Mediah I Kamasilve Temple (3) Canyon of Corruption (1) Elric Temple (2) Ancient Ruins Excavation Site (1) Helms Post (0) Stonetail Horse Ranch (1
Central Mediah II Stonebeak Shore (2) Omar Lava Cave (2) Asula Highland (1) Manes Hideout (1) Ahto Farm (1) Awakening Bell (3
Southern Mediah Alrum Rock Valley (1) Wandering Rogue Den (1) Abandoned Iron Mine (2) Marni’s 2nd Lab (1) Splashing Point (3) Kasula Farm (1
Tungrad Forest Hasrah Cliff (2) None None Tungrad Forest (2) None Soldier’s Grave (2)

Valencia Nodes

Node War Area Sunday (Level) Monday (Level) Tuesday (Level) Wednesday (Level) Thursday (Level) Friday (Level)
Valencia Entrance I Rock Post (3) Taphtar Plain (1) Gorgo Rock Area (2) Veteran’s Canyon (1) Cadry Ruins (2) Ruined Rune (1)
Valencia Entrance II Capotia (2) Pujiya Canyon (1) Bashim Base (1) Waragon Nest (1) Altinova Gate (1) Barhan Gateway (3)
The Great Desert Ibellab Oasis (3) None Desert Naga Temple (1) None Pilgrim’s Sanctum – Abstinence (1) Grieving Grave (1)
Valencia North Ancado Coast (3) None Altas Farmland (1) Pilgrim’s Sanctum -Obedience (1) None Rakshan Observatory (1)
Valencia Center Pilgrim’s Sanctum -Fasting (1) Valencia Castle Site (3) None Valencia Plantation (1) Erdal Farm (1) Fohalam Farm (1)
Southern Valencia Crescent Shrine (2) Western Plateau of Valencia (1) Crescent Mountains (2) Aakman (2) Pilgrim’s Sanctum – Sincerity (1) Pilgrim’s Sanctum – Humility (1)
Valencia Outskirts Gavinya Volcano Zone (2) Ivory Wasteland (2) Gavinya Great Cater (1) Roud Sulfur Works (2) Ivero-Cliff (1) Gavinya Coast Cliff (1)


1. You must build a fortress (100%) before the Node War starts in order to be eligible.

2. You can build a fortress only in one of the Lv. 1, 2, or 3 nodes.

3. In order to build a fort, you need at least 10 online members.

4. If you succeed in occupying one node, you can build an additional fort on a different node the next day. Max node occupation is 2. The additional node must be of the same level or higher level than the first node. 

5. You can see the forts of other guilds once the Node War commences. You will have to scout the area to be able to see them on the world map.

6. All forts and annexes will disappear upon the node’s emancipation (meaning more than 1 fort exist).

7. There is no penalty for death.

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