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Black Desert Mobile – Introduction to Node War

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Introduction on Node War

Black Desert Mobile’s Node War is undoubtedly one of the best ways to show off your teamwork with your guild. Node War is a mode in which guilds battle each other for possession of Nodes. Winning a Node War will grant a 7-day possession of the newly acquired Node.


Our guide to Node War Pre-season has everything you need to be completely prepared before the regular season begins. The Pre-season will have distinct features and events/rewards when compared to the regular season, so make sure to invite all of your friends to join Node War!



Table of Contents

1) Schedule

2) Bidding and Selection

3) Preparation

4) Starting Node War

5) Victory Conditions & Rewards




1) Schedule


■ Date & Time

Every day except Saturdays – Between 22:00 – 24:00


■ How to Participate

A total of 3 guilds can participate in a Node War.

There will be numerous Nodes for each Node War. Please note the date of availability of each Node as each Node War will be different. 


※ Each Node has 3 different tiers, labeled Tier 1-3. More rewards will be given when winning on a higher tier Node. Please note that a Tier 1 Node is the lowest tier.

e.g) Winning a Node War on a Tier 3 Node will grant more rewards than a Tier 2 Node.




2) Bidding & Selection

If you wish to check basic information or register for a Node War, press the [Node War] button in the [Guild Fortress – Siege Gateway] menu.



Please note that guilds must have at least 10 members when bidding or competing in Node War. If a guild fails to send at least 10 members when a Node War starts, the guild will be banned from bidding for 7 days.

For unoccupied Nodes, 3 guilds with the highest bid will be selected as participants. One guild will be randomly selected as the defending guild and the other guilds will be attacking. In the case of occupied Nodes, the current occupying guild must defend their Node, and 2 guilds with the highest bids will participate in the battle to take over the Node. 



3) Node War Preparation

3 guilds will be selected to participate in the Node War once the bidding process is over. The selected guilds will move on to the preparation process.


Participating guilds will be able to prepare during the 10-hour period after the bidding process ends at 12:00 and before the actual Node War begins at 22:00. Guild members will be able to upgrade the Relics/Relic Defense Towers/Barricades at the Guild Fortress by consuming their personal resources.


※ Guilds will not be able to craft elephants or cannons during the pre-season of Node War. Instead, each guild will be provided with 3 elephants and 10 cannons during the pre-season.

※ Barricades cannot be repaired.

※ Relics/Relic Defense Towers/Barricades will obtain extra HP when upgraded.

※ Guild Skills cannot be leveled up during the Node War preparation period. 



4) Starting Node War

Guild members will be able to enter the Node War through the Siege Gateway at 22:00 after the preparation period.

※ Guild members must be a part of the guild for a minimum of 24 hours to be able to participate.


The defending guild and attacking guilds (which are the 2 guilds with the highest bids) will each be randomly placed on 1 of the 5 Relics marked on the minimap. 


There will be Relic Defense Towers and Barricades placed around the Relic, which means that various tactics using siege weapons and skills will be required to destroy the opponent’s Relic.


5) Victory Conditions & Rewards

The Node War will end once all opposing guild Relics are destroyed or the 2-hour time limit ends. If a guild’s Relic is destroyed, the guild will leave the battlefield. The guild that successfully protects their Relic will occupy the Node. 


If there are 2 or more Relics remaining after the 2-hour time limit, the war will end with that Node considered to be ’Unoccupied’. 

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