Author: Sharley (Pet lover, community idol, adores art)

Giant Absolute (lvl 60/70)

Frenzy’s destroyer – Increases the range and attack power and applies a bleeding effect (390% PVE damage / 273% PVP damage)

Driving thunderbolt – Increases the range and attack power, and provides life recovery during the animation (362% PVE damage / 289% PVP damage)

Flying beast wind – Provides additional attacks, increases the number of uses, and applies a bleeding effect (660% PVE damage / 495% PVP damage)

Rock crushing – Provides additional attacks, reduces the enemy’s movement speed, and inflicts high damage (382% PVE damage x2 / 267% PVP damage x2)

Falling rocks – Reduces incoming damage, increases the number of hits, and increases defense (240% PVE damage / 168% PVP damage)

Beast Raid – Reduces enemy armor, movement speed, and increases the attack’s range (470% PVE damage / 329% PVP damage)

Dipping – Reduces cooldown time, reduces the enemy’s armor, and provides additional attacks (250% PVE damage / 175% PVP damage)

Lava piercing – Increases defense and applies a burning effect (272% PVE damage / 190% PVP damage)

Dreadlord – Increases defense and damage, and decreases the enemy’s attack speed (381% PVE damage / 304% PVP damage)

Beast – Reduced cooldown time, increased range, and applies bleeding

Giant shout (lvl 70) – Restores HP, increases defense, increases critical hit damage, and increases Black Spirit’s Rage damage

Giant Awakening (lvl 60/70)

Step of destruction – Strong frontal kick, followed by firing his gun; increases defense and critical hit chance (490% PVE damage / 441% PVP damage)

Nanta – Applies eight lightning-fast punches, causing explosions, and damaging, stunning, and knocking down all enemies in front (195% PVE damage / 156% PVP damage)

Devastation – Hits the ground several times, inflicting damage, range, the number of enemies affected, and providing immunity to stun-locks; also knocks down enemies and increases defense by 30 (402% PVE damage / 402% PVP damage)

Raise the ground – Ruptures the ground in from, damaging everyone in its path and reducing the enemies’ movement speed (257% PVE damage x4 / 149% PVP damage x4)

Flame leap – Leaps forward, bashing anyone with fire punches, increasing defense, and immunity to stun-locks, while applying burning to enemies (276% PVE damage / 220% PVP damage)

Maneuver bombardment – Executes a dodging maneuver to either left, right, or back, while releasing a powerful frontal shell; applies burning, reduces enemies’ defense (750% PVE damage / 525% PVP damage)

Explosion – Shoots his powerful gun to damage and knock down the enemy; provides immunity to stun-locks and crowd control abilities during the animation (400% PVE damage x2 / 200% PVP damage x2)

Flame Iron Cannon – Shoots a powerful, fiery shell, reducing the enemies’ defense, causing high damage, and knocking them down (780% PVE damage / 702% PVP damage)

Bombardment – Hits the enemy in front with his fists for increased damage and increased critical hit chance (477% PVE damage / 278% PVP damage)

Instant bombardment – Fires his gun, damaging, burning, and reducing the defense of all enemies in front

Destroyer (lvl 70) – A buff that increases critical hit damage, increases Black Spirit’s Rage damage, and restores 100 health every 2 seconds for 10 seconds

The Destroyer clearly lives up to his name. If his pre-Awakened form is rather clunky and benign, the Awakened one is something to behold. His expertise is in immunity to control, AOE damage, AOE Crowd Control (CC), and defense and life regen.

The Destroyer is a tank with very thick armor and a long and powerful gun. His damage-based abilities don’t live up to those of the Berserker, but he is a threat nonetheless. Due to the high skill gap necessary for using him to his full potential, I only recommend the Destroyer to the more experienced players. Once you learn how to use him, however, nobody will be able to stand in your way.

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