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Black Desert Mobile – Early Game Guide

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Early Game Guide for BDM

1. Just do the main quest line. Don’t worry about anything else (except building up your camp/knowledge). Get your spirit into samurai Jedi form and unlock all the features**

2. Do boss rushes as much as you can. Get your hands on every boss stamp and tablet you can and get lots of ancient coins. Roll on everything until you have all gold of any kind. Take best grade along the way, ideally you’ll end up with liverto weapon, equal tier offhand, then grunil everything else. If you aren’t having luck rolling these items, save your silver and buy them. You want two slot golds ASAP to start the real grind.

3. Gems should fill in your missing substats like attack speed / crit chance. Cap both using gems to fill in the gaps you need. Everything else into AP. Move speed is not that important. The gold gear mentioned above will cover a lot.

4. Go back over all the hidden knowledge you missed if you don’t get it along the way you’re going to max level. There’s a LOT of permanent family CP to gain from all the knowledge stuff. Just open up the knowledge tab from the menu and go over all the incomplete hints for an idea of what to do or where to go. Don’t skip these! Once you’re all 100%, now you can continue getting passive CP just by doing more bosses (any and all bosses, including kzarka even if you can’t rank high on world boss dmg, you want the knowledge exp). Pets can boost your boss knowledge stat gains with knowledge exp boost if you roll them.

Here’s a site with images showing every hidden knowledge spot all over the map if you’re having trouble locating based on the hints

5. Fill the Collection journal, similar reason as above. It’s mostly some green/blue gear or furniture you give up once to fill each category, but it’s permanent CP and worker stat gains. 10 attack power on top of the rest for completing everything. Pretty nice.

6. Feed every piece of trash gear purple and below to your spirit. All of it (assuming it’s not better than what you’re wearing. Transfer enhancements to keep your upgrade levels. Then, once you’re all BIS golds, start feeding the low value gold stuff you get also. Anything worth 2m or below I feed to my blob. Even if you are questioning it, just highlight a gold and don’t feed it… just see how much exp it gives you. You might not recognize how amazing this is until the 100 levels when it starts slowing down. Cheap golds will fill almost half an exp bar or more throughout your low 100 stage. The black spirit level has no cap. Some people even use silver and buy golds to feed and boost his level faster. Every level is a significant permanent CP boost for your main and all your alts. I would sell golds worth several mil still since you’ll need to start saving money (to the tune of 500m+) for two slot oranges assuming your luck is averagely bad like everyone else and you can’t pull orange.

Note on #6, and this is HUGE: this is probably the most important long term CP source in the game, you’re going to want to make sure you increase how much exp you get from feeding your spirit as much as possible. There’s two ways (off the top of my head) to increase this: the top right “Ti” lightstone, and pets. Gold Ti lightstones can go up to +25% dark exp. no matter what, take the highest of these you can get your hands on, and only replace sidegrade based on its substat. Lightstones also can give raw AP/DP and thus CP, but you may want to consider other passives for these since you can get some stats like crit dmg that are unavailable elsewhere.

Second, pets can roll a passive skill that gives between 2-5% base dark exp boost. At max level this goes up by 3% (so three pets with 8% dark exp boost is a whopping 24% more exp for your spirit). I’m currently at 59%, using a gold Ti lightstone and three max dark exp pets. If you ever roll a 5% starting dark exp skill on a pet, always keep that when fusing for higher tiers. One way to ensure you stick this skill is to roll a whole bunch of t1 pets (if you snag them off the market if you’re f2p), and then use those pets that do roll it, then always fuse into those pets for higher tier. Make sure to keep their skillset when you fuse. If you fuse two pets with zero dark exp skills, you can always use the “random” option to try for new roll(s). Every skill is then rerolled as if it’s a new pet registration, whether it evolves a tier or not.

7. Enhance your gear using resonances as checkpoints – super important. If you tap on the icons along the bottom of the screen (under all the buff icons, the tiny ones), you’ll see all the resonances you can obtain. Resonance means when all your gear is a certain enhance level, you get extra CP bonuses or other neat things like extra dodges. Because of this, you should upgrade your gear parallel to one another in a way that gives the biggest cp boosts per enhance.

Weapon slots > chest > helm > shoes/gloves give the most cp per enhance in that order. If your next resonance is at full +21, upgrade every piece of gear until you reach that enhance level one at a time. Do your main/offhand straight to +21, then do chest to 21, then helm, and so on. Then start over and do the same to the next resonance tier. Max your refinery ASAP before all other camp structures, as this will generate a ton of black stones for you to enhance with.

Enhancing is done two ways usually; short stacks, and full 100%. Short stacking is when you keep doing all your enhances as soon as they become available (10% success rate). If you fail, you just let it break back down to 0%. You won’t lose your existing enhance level, just reset to the start. Some people swear by this method to save on stones and money, your odds of getting a success 1 in 10 attempts is actually decent. Then everytime you succeed before 10 tries you’re expanding the number of attempts you need to break even on stones by another 10 attempts (using an attempt as the only metric of course, the number of stones to get to 10% increases per level). This is still risky if you’re unlucky. I had good results with it at first but then hit a stream of awful luck, 63 fails in a row. I ended up stuck longer than I needed to be.

Otherwise, 100% enhancing is safe. It’s not necessarily cheap or quick, but assuming you didn’t get that 1 in 10, you already are ahead of the short stack route. You can always rely on 100% if you have that kind of patience. Don’t get greedy if you do this, and try to enhance at 99.5% even, I have failed six times over 99.5, three of those times were over 99.8. No joke. Just finish it

Edit: gear resonances are at +15, 18, 20, 23, 25, 28, and 30. Accessories give a 10 cp boost at minimum +5 on every accessory item, and increases if you continue higher.

Note: don’t enhance accessories above +3 without resto scrolls, unlike normal gear slots, accessory enhances reset to +0 if you fail and don’t use resto scrolls. The higher the enhance/quality, the more scrolls you need. These are hella expensive and you need white pearls for them.

8. More of a FYI, at a few CP levels, you’ll skip ahead 100 cp. the last checkpoint is 3000, you’ll skip to 3100. There’s another around 2500-2600 I think also, maybe one more. It’s visible on the resonance UI. There’s a few other bonuses for just pure base cp tiers. Just something to motivate you more to push for it.

Edit: there’s three. Base 1900 CP, base 2500, and 2800. Each gives 50 ap/DP (100 cp total). That’s 300 cp you just get for your regular progress. “Base” means excluding those mentioned resonance bonuses.

9. Accessories, save all your bp once essentials are bought.. It’s not too much to afford blues and enhance them to high upgrade levels for more resonance bonuses. It’s a lot more affordable than upgraded golds. Higher grade accessories of course will give more raw cp, but will take more saving to afford. This is the tricky part where spenders are separated from f2p the most. Something to consider when thinking about blue vs purple vs gold, but remember if you get your attack speed or crit from accessories, that’s usually less gems you need to commit to filling aspd/crit caps, meaning more AP, thus more CP

10. Outfits. If you can’t afford to buy them for white pearls, you have two options, and these can net you 60-100 cp total so it’s worth it. You can either deal with a whale and buy a resold outfit on the market (potentially tricky to make the deal or find someone willing), or you can CRAFT the outfits, at tier 5 camp when you get your dye workshop. You can craft two copies of either the body or weapon outfit for your class, and then attempt to fuse them into an epic outfit which will give 16 ap/DP up to 25 of each. Both outfit slots work this way, although weapon is cheaper overall. If you fail the fusion, you keep the low grade outfit but need to craft another copy to try again. Luckily it’s only one more outfit per attempt from here. This will take patience but you can also luck out and get the epic first try. Definitely invest the resources and time into this, it’s a huge cp leap even at minimum stat rolls. Even the base outfits gives some stats

11. Finally, the last real way to increase your CP beyond the rest of the listed methods, get your alchemy lab to level 9 and craft purple gem chests. Use the purple gems for your gear, each chest will drop a ton of them, and an even wider range of blues. The main goal from here out with these is fusing into GOLD gems. The rate isn’t bad with a 25% crystal fusion success rate lightstone. I seem to get 1-2 golds every 4 purple chests. Sometimes nothing, but the rate is decent. Keep the gold gems you don’t use and you can fuse them in chance for an orange gem. I put all my workers on mining and am still working on those gems once all my camp work was finished. I didn’t even start doing node until I had t5 camp.

PS: SAVE 40 contrib exp for a BIS rent-a-relic, usually the Tirion relic from one of the last town leaders for 17 ap. Currently besides renting, you can only get a relic from kzarka and it’s orange. I don’t think anyone has seen one yet. Definitely don’t get greedy on high grade workers early on as it gets harder and harder to gain new contrib points the higher you go. If you don’t get this now, you’ll be scrambling hard to get it later, possibly even firing all those fancy workers! I made this mistake badly

PPS: passive AP/DP skillbooks start appearing pretty much permanently in node manager when you reach 500 fame. This is kind of late game stuff but I think it falls under CP progress. There’s no fast tricks to getting quick fame in node manager, just complete tasks and make sure you don’t leave depleted nodes sitting too long. You’ll get there pretty fast. Then suddenly all these AP/DP skillbooks start appearing frequently on the nodes.

Grab all of them you can, all the time, as much as you can. The double claims are where this really shines – you do a 4 AP book node and proc a double when you claim the depleted node, that’s 8 books. Each passive skill level is 1-2 ap/DP or so, and it adds up fast. I’m at level 23 on AP, it’s worth 44 altogether according to the skill UI. Include DP of the same level and that’s 88 cp I’m up just from passives. These passives apply to your alts too.

Side PPS: Oh, and level alts. You get lots of black stones, contrib exp, and you’ll need alts for later content.

PPPS, not really permanent CP but it counts for up to 3 hours if you have camp plus. Get a horse to t5, or horses. Hope to get AP or DP bond skill (+17 at t5!!!), then if you get the enhanced bonding sub skill it becomes +20. This bonding buff carries with you anywhere you go except arena. But it basically raises your power even more – it just wont count towards cp ranking. If you don’t want to keep raising t5 horses (while you’ll want to anyway, for later tier 7, you want 4x t5 horses ahead of time) – you can get horse bond skill coupons (and regular skill coupons) to reroll their bond or subskills and hope to get the ones you want. These are actually reasonably priced but they’re white pearls only, 30 for a bond coupon and 10 for a sub skill coupon. That’s really affordable for anyone. Just remember they’re random rerolls, so you may need a handful to get what you’re looking for. I once had to reroll subskills 32 times to get enhanced bonding on one of my t5s…

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