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Things to do before sleep

Even in your sleep, your character will still grow.
Time is critical to those who enjoys Black Desert Mobile. You can easily notice the growth from simple grinding for contents such as leveling black spirit, expending territories.. etc

  •  Collect Blackstones
  • Instruct the territory citizens to gather advanced resources • Plant seeds in the garden
  •  Use Behavior power in advanced
  • Pets: Feed and Train
  • Inventory Bag: Check the weight and recovery items
  • Accept kill quests


Collect Blackstone

Refinery systemically produce black stones at certain times. Produced blackstones will be stored until user collects from Refinery, however, max storage for refinery depends base on the level of the building. Therefore, it is recommended to collect blackstones before going to bed.

Collect Blackstones

Instruct the territory citizens to gather advanced resources

Basic resources such as south stones, logs, wild grasses are fairly easy to collect by gathering in the territory. However, to collect large quantity of the advanced resources such as tin ore, boulders, and cocoons, expect to spend 4-12 hours.
Advanced resources are mainly used to make items in territories, or to be used as building materials. Therefore, the higher the level, the more places to use advanced resources. However, due to the long time it takes to collect, this makes it difficult to obtain when needed. It is recommended to to instruct the territory citizens to gather advanced resources before going to bed.

Plant seeds in the garden

You can produce food by planting seeds in the territory garden. Depending on the grade of the seed, the growing time can take from 10 minutes to 20 hours. The longer the cultivation time, the lower the food production efficiency.
For example, one carrot which takes 1 hour to grow produces 216 food, but one grape which takes 8 hours to grow produces 810 food. Growing 4 carrots takes less time and produce more food than growing 1 grape.
But if you cultivate while you sleep, both seeds can be cultivated, therefore, planting grape seeds still is a benefit. You can produce a lot of food by planting seeds that have long cultivation time while you sleep.

Use Behavior power in advanced

Currently behavioral power is known to recover by 1 every 4-5 minutes. In other words, it is recommended to consume your behavior power in advanced. You can use behavioral power by talking/encouraging to territory citizens or from collecting, mining, logging.
Most of all, you need to manually collect the breathing items (such as the original breath) that are needed to make items. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use behavioral power for collecting items.

Pets: Feed and Train

Over time, pet’s hunger level will decrease. If the hunger level is 0, you will not get experience from the battle. If you set the afk hunt and pet’s hunger level is 0, you will not get any experience even if you continue to auto hunt. Therefore, if you plan on setting up afk hunt overnight, it is recommended to max out hunger level for your pet.
Same goes for pet skills. Higher the skill, longer the training time. After level 7, it will take about 12 hours to train. Therefore, it is recommended to max hunger level, then to train on your high level skill before you go to sleep.

Inventory Bag: Check the weight and recovery items

If you are planning on setting up overnight afk hunt, first thing you need to do is to reduce the weight of your inventory bag as much as possible and to make sure you have enough potion. During overnight afk hunt, you will loot blackstones, books, crystals, black energy etc, which will accumulate in the inventory bag and consume a lot of weight. If the bag is full, you will not be able to loot additional items, therefore you lose resources.

It is ideal to minimize the weight of your inventory bag by selling items to the shop, and putting heavy weighted items such as black stones, books, and crystals in the storage or horse bag. This will allow you to loot as many items as possible while you are away

Even though it is critical to have for overnight afk hunting, recovery potion is the biggest obstacle. Even the smallest hp potion weighs 2.5, so if you take 100, it will weigh 250. But to afk hunting, you must take enough to stay stable.
You can storage potions in your horse bag and take as you need, however this is not possible during afk hunting. You would need to know your potion consumption in advance and purchase accordingly. If possible, try to set up afk hunting in areas where you can hunt without using potions.


Accept kill quests

During the main quests or even side quests, you will have a chance to accept Kill Quests which allows you to hunt massive quantity of monsters. A typical example is the recurring quest proposed by the Black Spirit after completing the main task of defeating the head of the region. Kill quest requires a lot of time because you have to kill 100 to 700 monsters in the area.
By repeating these kill quests, you can level your Black Spirit. As your Black Spirit grow, you can also increase combat power and also learn powerful skills such as Black Spirit’s anger.

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