Black Desert Mobile Beginner Tips and Guide

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Whether you’ve been anxiously waiting for the release of Black Desert Mobile or you’ve never heard about it before, your wait is over. With the game now available worldwide, you only need a Tips-and-Tricks Manual to guide you towards greatness. Here, we will focus on three critical aspects that will define your progress as you move through the Black Desert world

How to level up fast

BDM level up
BDM level up

Although there is some grind involved in the game, it shouldn’t be your go-to leveling strategy. You can level by grinding endless mobs of monsters, but it’s neither satisfactory nor efficient. Questlines will offer you better and faster XP, but if you genuinely want to make the most of your time, focus on advancing your Life Skills.

Life Skills include processing, cooking, fishing, hunting, gathering, alchemy, and many others, and they provide the best XP you can get when talking about low-level zones. They’re more fun and challenging than mindless mob grinding and more rewarding. As you level up, grinding mobs will become more rewarding, at which point you will need to adapt and change your approach.

Two other vital tips include completing your daily tasks for additional bonuses and joining a good guild as soon as you can. Even if you’re a solo player, a guild will offer you unparalleled advantages, including guild quests, guild mileage, and a social environment filled with helpful people.

Tips on combat points

BDM Combat
BDM Combat

Kill, kill, and kill some more. But boosting your combat points faster takes more than that. One tip to keep in mind is low-level gear enhancement, nobody does it, as it comes out as a waste of resources. Since you will be leveling reasonably fast, you will also change your gearless. But there’s more than meets the eye here.

In Black Desert Mobile, you can transfer the enhancement from one piece of gear to the next, better one. Sure, the enhancement bonuses are simplified, but you will make the most out of your resources while getting better equipment to help you in the early game.

Feeding your Black Spirit is another essential strategy. Your little companion eats mostly everything, including weapons, accessories, and gear, and it will reward you with additional combat points upon leveling.

Acquiring better gear and equipment


Aside from standard drops, there are three more effective ways of getting better gear and equipment. The first and most accessible one is Shakatu. Shakatu is an RNG shop where you can spend your Shakatu coins for randomized gear loot. Theoretically, you can get any piece of gear, be it white, green, purple, yellow, orange, and even red, except that the winning chances drop as the gear’s quality increases. So, don’t expect any reds anytime soon.

The second method of acquiring better gear is through crafting. Item crafting and enhancing are high-level systems that take more time and resources but are ultimately more rewarding. Each piece of equipment will require specific ingredients, with the more advanced ones being the most demanding.

Boss Gear

The third method is getting boss gear, high-level only and, in honesty, a nightmare to acquire. It has a low drop rate, it’s expensive to purchase, but it’s worth it if you’re determined to get it.

This article is nothing but a core introduction to Black Desert Mobile, which is subject to expansions. It will serve you well, however, if you’re looking to have your first taste of Black Desert Mobile and get a better head-start than others.

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