Bandai Namco announced plans to bring another Black Clover game to the west. Black Clover: Phantom Knights launched on mobile devices November of last year in Japan, and now it’s set to hit iOS and Android in English on Jan 30th 2020 or sometime around then.

Black Clover Phantom Knights Western Release!

Black Clover Western Release!

Black Clover is a F2P kingdom defense RPG which was released in Japan in November 2018. 

In the game, players can create their own Magic Knights brigades to protect the kingdom. Players can choose from members of the Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom, members of the Diamond Kingdom army, and the members of the White Night Eye. 

Pre-Register Goals

At 30k pre-registrations, all players will get 1800 x Black Jewel. At 50k pre-registrations, all players get the Enhancement Items Set. At 100k pre-registrations which is the highest tier right now, all players will get 5* Yuno. 

There are two ways to pre-register:

1. Follow this Facebook page

2. Pre-register on the App Store or Google Play

App Store

Google Play

Official Trailer

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