Black Desert Mobile – KR Forum’s Character Ranks

1 Ranger

Number one on our list is the “Ranger” (aka “Hunter” in her awakened form). Although the Ranger is considered to be a first-tier character, she’s under the second-tier category because she slightly lacks efficiency when hunting mobs on the field. This can be especially tough for a f2p players’ perspective when grinding. For players who are interested in competitive PVP, she is an excellent choice because she is known to be a PVP-god. She is also strong for PVE. The Ranger is the most highly recommended character in forums and is ranked #2 overall in all BDM characters, even the ones that have yet to be released in this server. However according to the Koreans, Ranger is being nerfed these days..

2 Giant

In second place is the Giant (aka “Titan” in his awakened form). Nothing beats the succession of his class set-up (into a Titan) as it is the most optimal for hunting. His gap-closing, melee attacks are great for PVP and is getting good reviews. Although the Giant is not a popular class due to his appearance, he’s the “hottest” character these days. Looks aside, it is fair to say that his abilities come in second place. The Giant class is ranked #3 overall in BDM.

3 Witch


Third place goes to the Witch (aka “Ark Magician” in her awakened form). The Witch has consistently received good reviews before and after her awakened forms. She is mediocre at PvP, and she’s highly efficiency when hunting. Although most her skills are long-ranged, she has two melee attacks with a high damage percentage. (“It’ll be important to make full use of her kit,” said Cat Daddy 🙂 She’s a well rounded character in general to main or to have as an alt, and she will thrive “in the path of glory” (which is a chain of mini-objectives you need to unlock throughout the game). The Witch class is ranked #5 overall in BDM.

4 Warrior


In four place is the Warrior (aka “Berserker” in his awakened form). He is not recommended by many but is very populous in game. It’s most likely because of his high DPS and ability to obliterate in one-shot. The following content is not out yet, but he will be very useful fighting “celestials” and such elementals. One con is that he is a tough character to develop with pure F2P in the beginning. The Warrior is quite decent at PvP. He is loved by his users, therefore ranks #9 overall in BDM.

5 Valkyrie


Lastly, the Valkyrie is in 5th place, (aka “Lancer” after being fully awakened.) Known for her survivability and knock-back skills, she excels at PvP as well as being a support character. She lacks a bit in mobility and is slower than most characters, but she’s capable of high damage and is not difficult to master. Although she doesn’t rank in the top 10 in the forums, she does rank high as a good waifu!

by Suga
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