Arknights Global hits 100,000 Pre-Registration Goal

by Alyeska
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Pre-Registration Goal reached!

Today, Arknights Global, one of the most hyped and anticipated upcoming new gacha games, reached its Pre-Registration goal of 100,000.  Some of the pre-reg rewards include:

  • 300,000 Lungment Dollar
  • 3 Headhunting permits
  • 9 Recruitment permits
  • 15 Expedited Plan
  • Limited Operator: Savage
  • 8 Originite Prime
  • Commemorative Furniture for decorating personal space

Will Arknights Global announce further pre-reg goals and rewards now that the initial goals have been met?  There is precedence of it happening in other games, and official release still looks to be a long way off, so there is a distinct possibility. Keep an eye out for it!

If you haven’t pre-registered yet, it’s not too late!  It can be done at any time before official launch. You can pre-register here.

Arknights is a Tower Defense style gacha game with art reminiscent of the popular Girls Front Line. It is developed by Hypergryph Network Technology Co.Ltd. and produced by Yostar. A hugely popular and successful Chinese launch has increased expectations and hype for its Global launch, which is stated as “Winter 2019”. Most believe it will be between December 2019 and March 2020.


In case you’ve missed them, here are the trailers that have been released so far

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