Hi everyone, ill be here to help you guys of how to play Arcana in Illusion Connect.
When you first start the game you will have 3/3 Attempts to do Arcana and every reset will give you 1 Attempt for Arcana.
When you enter the Arcana it will use up 1 Attempt. You can press the back button top right corner and play it later.
If the daily reset comes it will give you 3/3 Attempts BUT the attempt you were in is still there where you have left it.
It is recommended to bring in your Five Star Units or Awaken Units. They gain more DMG RATE due to the Recommended Bonus.


At the start you will have to select one of the leaders out of 3. They will stick with you till you lose or win the Arcana. So pick who ever you want that fits in for the team. Once you click the leader you can check what team you want to put in. You can always go back if you dont like the leader and repick another leader for the team.
Once you have finished that proceed the Start Battle button.


You have 9 Battles in total. The first 8 battles are to gain as much unit’s as possible while power up them. When you reach to the 9th Battle you battle the boss. The boss is random when you enter Arcana.


This is the Illusion Corridor where you can do Fusion, Change teams, check buffs, check rewards, Settle, Enemy Lineup.

You can rearrange the team order for the starting lineup and you can remove them to add in another unit from the bench.
Fusion – Where you combine unit’s and power up the unit that are in the team or on the bench
Buff – You can check what buffs you got.
Reward – The whole reward from all the battles you have won and what shards you got.
Settle – You are done and quiting the Arcana.
Enemy Lineup – Best way to check and counter them to win 🙂
Challenges 3/3 is where you have 3 tries. If you lose you get another chance but it’ll go down by 1 till it hits 0.


This is the battlefield.
You can press the Manual button into Auto Mode.
Normal Button to Fast Mode aka Speed mode.
Bottom of the Speed button is where you have 5 seconds to press the “Skip Button”


Now we have the Victory Page.
This is where it shows your reward you have gained.
They give you 1 gear either R or SR or SSR.

(The rewards for “Random SSR gears” are random. Every battle you have won they will show you what you gain at the end. The gears you gain are either R,SR,SSR but very random. So pray to RNG.)
Lost mirror AKA dust
Gnosis shards
Advance crystals to upgrade gears


After that page you will had into the BUFF page where you select 1/3.
Becareful of what you pick for it’s all random so another RNG pray to get what you want and need.
If you dont know what to pick or you dont remember your buff you can always click the Lineup button at the bottom right to check out the buff you need.


After the BUFF page you come down to PARTNER Page.
Same thing like the BUFF page have to select 1/3 BUT you get 3 tabs of partners.
The partner page is random as well BUT if your VERY LUCKY you may get 3 SSR partner tabs.
If you dont know what to pick or you dont remember your team you can always click the Lineup button at the bottom right to check out the team and what you need.

After selecting all 3 Partners you start another battle again.
This part is where i have the same unit as the one in my team.
You do want to get it because it will give you heaps of Exp.
So what you always want to aim for is getting either the “SAME CLASS” as the unit you want to upgrade or the same “UNIT”
They give you lots of exp% and it makes it easy to gain more shards.

SSR – 65

SSR – 45-55
SR – 35-55
R – 25-45


(FUUUSION…ha im gogeta dbz reference)

This is where you fuse the partners and the team you got together. They will gain stats when you upgrade them to any percentage. Once it hit 100% you will get the “Training Secrets Buff” that inc DMG rate and DMG RES by 10%, Exp 100% gives you inc stats and their shard
:O their shard???
Yes that is correct their shard.
They will give you shard and it will be random between 1 – 3 shards.

(The max is 3 Shards on that unit per Arcana.)

(I couldn’t get 3 shards so i kept on going)

I know i got it but want to show that you can keep on going until you get 3 shards. (LIMITED 3 SHARDS)


This is now the end of the Challange Over page for Arcana.
It will show you the lineups, buffs, stage rewards, shards.

By nachu
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