Another Eden Review

Another Eden Review | 2020 Edition

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space is a free-to-play role-playing video game developed by Wright Flyer Studios and published by GREE, Inc. The game does a masterful job of telling story in an old school JRPG format. Gacha players should be enthusiastic to have this game available as a free title still in 2021. 


Graphics – 6/10 – This game is not designed to be a graphical masterpiece. Instead, Another Eden goes out of its way to bring charm, curiosity, and adventure to a more chibi style of story telling. Normally graphics such as this rate around a 4 out of 10, but they really bring the most out of the limited game engine. 

Story – 10/10 – This is truly a masterpiece when to comes to text based JRPG stories. In a world dominated by high-end voice acting and Hollywood styled CGI trailers, Another Eden goes out of its way to convince you it is worth its weight in gold from its words alone. 

Progression – 8/10 – Progression in this game is a ton of fun. It surely is rather basic, but there is just enough to truly feel like you are investing in the growth of your units. Streamlined progression systems are key to games that want a broader reach and generally rate highly, as long as they are complex enough to render decision making. 

Gameplay – 7/10 – This game plays exactly as you expect it would, it is a JRPG. However, Another Eden goes even deeper in team chemistry and turn order priority. There truly is a depth to this games decision making that makes it a rarity amongst others that have the tried and true JRPG elements. 

Uniqueness – 8/10 – This rating is from story telling and world building alone, the gameplay itself is not unique. The gameplay does have a few smaller design choices that give is some flair, such as the support system, but it largely is run of the mill combat. 

Monetization – 5/10 – The only reason this isn’t lower is because it is not necessary to have end game units even at end game. The game does a fantastic job of making any unit that can be ascended to five stars relative enough to be useful. When it comes to the actual gacha system though, it is pretty overpriced for the rates offered. The publishers do offer a pack that guarantees you a unit of your choice and a 10x roll every so often for $30. That $30 mark is literally 1/10th of other gacha titles for similar packs. **cough cough** Exos Heroes **cough cough**

Community – 5/10 – The community for the game is probably about a 4 in terms of size, but the game still gets rave reviews and recommendations from those currently not playing the game. All in all, the community is happy to be there and that should be worth more points than size alone. 

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