A3: Still Alive – Class Guide

5 Beginning Classes

Picking your class is the first decision you have to make in A3: Still Alive, and that decision sticks with you throughout your gaming process. Picking the right class is vital to your gaming experience, and that relies heavily on your playing style.

Here are a few tips about classes to help you pick the best class for your playstyle.

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Berserker: An aggressive, close ranged physical DPS class. If your playstyle is pew pew pew bow bow and just go hammer on attacking then yes, this is your class.

Recommended Skillset


Archer: A physcial range class with high accuracy but low HP, giving her the same weakness as mage. Her important strength lies in the art of kiting and dodging enemy attacks.

Recommended Skillset


Templar: A magical tank who uses a hammer and a tank. Is skilled in melee combat and can hold themselves really well. Vital for open raids and PVP.

Recommended Skillset


Mage: Like most mage classes in other MMOs, mage is a magical range attacker with spells that can deal devastating damage, yet she has little HP for survival, making her an easy target in PVP.

Recommended Skillset


Assassin: One of the hardest classes to master, yet he excels in all combats, especially in Battle Royale mode. Noone else can beat him in a 1v1 fight.

Recommended Skillset

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