A3: Still Alive – Beginners’ Guide

Global Launch on Nov 10th, 2020

The return of A3 beyond the times.
We invite you to the world of mobile first ‘Battle Royale MMORPG’!

▣ Game Introduction
▶ Convergence of Mobile’s First “MMORPG” and “Battle Royale”
Battle Royal MMORPG, the first high-quality mobile to break the existing MMORPG
Differentiated luxury RPG that can enjoy two genres at the same time
Meet with “A3: Steel Live”!

▶ Battle Royale: Survival that hides the last person under fair conditions
First Mobile Royal MMORPG A3: Steel Alive
Live combat survival with 30 players in the same space and in the same space
Use every strategy to become the ultimate winner!

Dark Haunting: Simultaneous Large Scale Field-Free PVP
Infinite PVP with no friends or parties
A fierce battle that begins when darkness falls and red moon rises
The expansive faction, and the faction’s faction … Survive till the end of darkness!

▶ Soul Linker: New Concept Next Generation Combat Partner
My Soul Linker is per hundred? One thousand thousand? Only per day?
If you have fought alone so far, now with Soul Linker
With Soul Linker’s Ultimate, you’re already the ruler of the battlefield!

▶ Guild: One Family Belonging Another Family
Meet family-like guilds in fierce competition
Join the ‘occupation battle’ with a strong guild member various rewards!
Transfer guild experiences, reward events through festivals, and even a variety of content!

▶ Various fields and 5 attractive characters
Diverse battles in fields, snow, deserts and forests!
Experience gorgeous and fast combat action!


There are 5 available at launch, including:

Templar: A magical tank who uses a hammer and a tank. Is skilled in melee combat and can hold themselves really well. Vital for open raids and PVP.

Mage: Like most mage classes in other MMOs, mage is a magical range attacker with spells that can deal devastating damage, yet she has little HP for survival, making her an easy target in PVP.

Assassin: One of the hardest classes to master, yet he excels in all combats, especially in Battle Royale mode. Noone else can beat him in a 1v1 fight.

Archer: A physcial range class with high accuracy but low HP, giving her the same weakness as mage. Her important strength lies in the art of kiting and dodging enemy attacks.

Berserker: An aggressive, close ranged physical DPS class. If your playstyle is pew pew pew bow bow and just go hammer on attacking then yes, this is your class.

Game Modes

Battle Royale

Tiring of getting bullied by whales, swiping days and nights, and of all the other generic, typical online MMOs? Well, maybe A3: Still Alive can change that. Still considered a competitive e-sport in Korea, A3’s Battle Royale mode lets you enjoy the game without cashing, as it is separated from your PVE world. 

In this Battle Royale Mode, all players are equal power, and all they need is their skill in battle.

This is a 30-player-battle where the last one standing takes it all.

What is Battle Royale?

By purchasing a Battle Pass, you have access to various powerful items and a bonus to get the BR weapon next season.

You can enter Battle Royale mode as  a single player or with a team of 3 players. They are exactly the same, just with different amount of group members. Your goal is to survive till the end. There are a total of 30 gamers who will join the battlefield and compete for survival. In this mode, only your skills matter, and not your gears. You can use BR equipment regardless of your job.

Battle Royale progresses up to four stages, and with each advancement, the stage becomes smaller . You have to be careful as you might be out of the combat area if you do not move to the next stage’s area fast enough.

Players can advance in Battle Royale by defeating enemies appearing throughout the map and obtain various items. At phase 4, the map is very narrow, so you have to fight other players for items. The game lasts about 10 minutes.

Dark Presence

If you are interested in massive battles, then Dark Presence is the mode for you. In this mode, you and your 99 allies will team up and fight 100 enemies – some of them might be your friends and guildmates.

Every day at 20:30, you can strengthen your gears and skills to enhance your chance of survival in this bloody battle, as you are facing threats from all sides. This event is available for players level 40 and above. A tank would be handy, or maybe some AOE players, like our little mage over here?

The war might be bloody, but the rewards are generous. Hopefully, this doesn’t destroy your friendship.


Conquering, Raiding, Partying… What is MMO without the existence of a guild am I right?

Joining a guild brings you plenty of benefits – brothers in arms, comrades in raids, and dance partners in festivals. There are also guild dungeons where you join hands with your fellow guildmates to earn amazing rewards. Guilds are one of the core elements of the game, especially for late game. Guild leaders can also send a push message to all their members and each guild operates a chat room for best communication.

Guilds also participate in Castle Siege to own land which then produces Guild Currency for plenty of rewards. Show the world who’s the real boss here.

By the way have I told you that Eden is recruiting?


And well yea remember to do your story guys! If you are bored of solo-ing, you can join hands with your guild members to clear quests together and get stronger faster.

Solo mode campaign can be cleared with the help of…. See below!

Soul Linkers

You can summon partners aka Soul Linkers to fight along side with you in solo campaign battles. Your Soul Linkers will help you in story mode and the stronger they are, the stronger you are.

Soul Linker is a mercenary system, similar to the existing pet system in other games. They are as important as equipment. ‘Soul Linkers’ consist of attack, defense, and support types, and they can participate in battles with the players. In order to summon a Soul Linker, you need to manage fighting spirit, which is a kind of  gauge.

Strong bosses are weak to a type of soul linker, so they are very vital in campaign stages. In addition, ‘Soul Linker’ has separate Soul Linker equipment and levels. Soul Linkers also have their own special moves along with the players. You need to maximize your soul linker’s potential in order to ace PVE.

You can register 3 Soul Linkers (1 Atk, 1 Def, 1 Sup), but only one can be summoned at a time. Spare Soul Linkers will be in your bag/storage.

Equipment Farming

Equipment farming is vital to your process, especially your CP. There is an item reinforcement system and you can transfer the reinforcement of one item to the next item without penalty, as long as the reinforcement is under 20. 

Items can be obtained from the field and crafting. Each item has different stats and options, so you have to figure out which stats fit you best. Reinforcement level might affect the stats and options, but some lower items can have better options which lead to being the better items overall. So do not only look at your item rarity/tier, but at the options as well.

Other Contents

There are also dungeons for solo play and party play, and world bosses. There is a daily dark invasion event at 19:30 which lasts for 10 minutes, where players gather their strength to defeat the incoming enemies. If you are too weak and can’t completely defeat the crowds,  you can still participate for various rewards.


by Evenil
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