Disclaimer: I won’t be listing 13 reasons for every class because each class has their own merits and I don’t want to make up stupid reasons just to fill the numbers


  1. Ranger is the only true ranged class of the 5 starting classes (witch is half-melee)
  2. You love 1vs1 PvP? Ranger is voted the #1 arena class in korea
  3. High single-target dps
  4. Ability to attack while moving (only for certain skills)
  5. Both of her Absolute & Awakening classes are considered to be top PvP classes
  6. Ranger’s awakening class is Wind Walker which is a dual dagger class that plays pretty much like a ninja, if you’re into that
  7. One of the most popular classes so it would be easier to buy high tier weapons from the market
  8. Insane kiting skills
  9. If you ask someone in soft launch which class they hate fighting against in PvP the most, 9 out of
  10. people will tell you “Ranger”
  11. One of the best field-farmers
  12. Green. If you like the color green, trust me, theres going to be a lot of green on your screen
  13. Great in mass PvP as you can deal damage safely from a distance while those peasant melee classes scraps it out


  1. Witch is the best field-farmer of the 5 starting classes
  2. Teleport. This ability is the best thing ever. After using it you won’t want to walk ever again. The other 4 starting classes can only roll like peasants. Teleport makes it so easy to dodge attacks and reposition yourself in battles
  3. Massive amounts of AoE spells
  4. Extremely high %damage skills with high scaling as well
  5. Tons of cc. Almost every spell has some sort of cc attached to it
  6. Very flashy class. If you like flair, fire & lightning every where; this is the class for you
  7. Again, very popular class so its easy to find gear for
  8. Extremely strong in node wars
  9. Has the best healing skill in the game currently
  10. Extremely high burst
  11. Less vulnerable than rangers due to her super-armor & invincible skills
  12. Witch’s awakening (arch mage) & absolute class (arch magician) are strong for end-game content
  13. Can easily hit cap move-speed with her 2 move-speed buffs


  1. Valkyrie has multiple charge skills that allows her to enter and escape battle with ease
  2. Multiple super-armor & forward-guard skills
  3. Lots of cc
  4. Beautiful sword animations, if you’re into that 
  5. Faster at farming than the two other melee classes
  6. The only female melee class available currently
  7. High combat mobility
  8. High skill-cap class for those who are looking for a challenge
  9. Sword and shield class, if you’re into that


  1. Giant is the WWE wrestler of black desert mobile. He can chain cc the hell out of anyone he gets his hands on, throwing them left right and center until death
  2. Top PvP class
  3. Considered a counter to ranger
  4. Insane amount of lock-down & cc outside of his wrestling abilities
  5. Giant is huge, his character model is much larger than the other classes
  6. Spin-to-win farming skill
  7. Long-range charge skill
  8. Bunch of super-armor skills, you can’t lock him down for long
  9. Dual axe class if you’re into that


  1. Warrior is the closest thing to a tank class that you can get because in bdm all classes are dps
  2. Cool medieval knight look
  3. Fire theme, if you like fire
Writer: Cat Daddy (Chris)

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